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Breach Enters Early Access In January

QC Games announced that its first game project, Breach, will be entering Steam Early Access in January 2019. Combining intense third-person gameplay action, RPG game features, and phenomenal visuals, players will be...

Square Enix Asks “What is Dragon Quest Builders?”

No matter what PS4 owners are into, it seems that Square Enix has them covered in October. Depending upon your gaming tastes, you might just catch a one-two combo on October 11th....

Heaven’s Vault Launches on Steam and PS4

In the Nebula, far-flung moons are linked by a network of rivers in the sky... but the rivers are drying up. Robots once moved freely among humans... until the...

Breach Introduces the Pyromancer Class

Sometimes while playing a game, you need a character that is ready to heat up the battle – literally. The new Pyromancer class in Breach is all about combos and...

Slick’s Quick Hits: Grand Theft Auto V Goes First-Person

Ladies and gentlemen, we are officially two weeks out from the PS4/Xbox One launch of Grand Theft Auto V and the you can smell the excitement! Note to self: The excitement” kinda...

Odin Sphere Leifthrasir Presents Oswald

Odin Sphere Liefthrasir takes off the kid gloves today. No more beautiful war maidens, no more fairy princesses and no more cutesy little Pooka princes either. Today, things get really dark....

Horizon: Zero Dawn Story Trailer

George Santayana once said that those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it. You have to wonder how fair it is to doom those who have no access...

Steel Series Announces Their 200 Series Line of Headsets

Steel Series recently announced their brand new 200 series line of headsets  in assorted colors for casual and pro gamers alike. They were kind enough to give us a sneak peek...

Street Fighter V: The Spectacle of Spectacles!

Courtesy of PlayStation's YouTube page, we have a new trailer for Street Fighter V showing us gameplay of a seriously missed fan favorite - Charlie (Nash). Take notice that he has...

Watch Dogs: Could Chicago Unseat Los Santos as the Greatest Online Community?

To my knowledge, Ubisoft is not looking to make Watch Dogs the next GTA clone or to topple said franchise as the king of the sandbox. Regardless, the comparisons will be...

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