SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy Completes its Roster With. . . TERRY BOGARD?

Who Is Terry Bogard? Terry Bogard has been the face of SNK fighting games since his original debut in Fatal Fury (1991). Appearing in a number of titles since his introduction, as well as...

Slick’s Quick Hits: Farming Simulator 2015

It's that time of year everyone, time to get excited! Giants Software by way of Focus Home Interactive brings you everything you ever wanted in a game about farming machinery (literally...

Slick’s Quick Hits: Divide

Divide is all about bias. You are responsible for determining the level of truth in every piece of information you receive. You had better learn quickly what is truth because your...

Gal*Gun 2 Shoots Its Shot In April

We all have one of those games we enjoy that "we don't let people know we have." This looks like one of those games. The follow up to Gal*Gun and Gal*Gun: Double...
King's Quest - PS4 packshot

King’s Quest Chapter 3 Available Today!

The Odd Gentlemen and Sierra bring the next chapter in their five part remake of King's Quest! Chapter 3, titled "Once upon a Climb" has King Graham recount to his granddaughter the...

Monster Hunter Generations Is Here!

Monster Hunter Generations launches today for notrth America and Europe. The acclaimed series has been a staple on the 3DS for the past five years. The latest installment offers new hunting...

Darksiders Warmastered Edition Hits Shelves Today For PS4 & Xbox One

If you've been a long time My Take Radio listener you know we are huge fans of the Darksiders series. THQ Nordic remastered Darksiders II for PS4 and Xbox One and...
Lumo - logo

Slick’s Quick Hits: Lumo

Lumo is a fantastic looking new platformer coming to PS4, Steam and Xbox One. I do not have very much info right now because my press release was in German. Sorry...

Capcom Heads Back To Raccoon City With A Reimagined Resident Evil 2 (E3 2018)

When it comes to survival horror titles it doesn't get more iconic than Resident Evil 2. The Capcom classic is considered by many to be the franchise's defining title and next...

Echo Comes to Steam and PS4 September 19

Developer Ultra Ultra is looking to take stealth to a whole other level this month. A small company comprised of former employees of a little company called Io-Interactive. You know, that...

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