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Chivalry: Medieval Warfare - PS4 box art

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Comes to A New Generation

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare originally launched for last-gen consoles and PC back in 2012. Now Activision and Torn Banner want to give you a chance to play this game in case you...
Lara Croft Go DLC - Square Enix

Square Enix Announces Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

Square Enix is offering up to seventy percent off of select console and mobile titles. Starting tomorrow, November 26-30, shoppers at the Square Enix online store can save on games and...
The Witcher III: WIld Hunt - Epic Trailer

The Witcher III: Wild Hunt – Epic Trailer

The Witcher III: Wild Hunt has been enjoying one success after another and CD Projekt RED wants to thank the fans for a great year as they continue to develop the...
Stories: The Path of Destinies logo

Stories: The Path of Destinies Lets You Choose

Stories: The Path of Destinies is looking better and better as development continues. The story is also coming along but it keeps getting darker and darker when it comes to your...
Minecraft: Story Mode, Episode 3 logo

Slick’s Quick Hits: Minecraft Story Mode Episode 3

To our Minecraft: Story Mode fans, I want to first apologize as I had no idea that episode 2 had already come and gone! I promise that I will get you...

Just Cause 3 Kasabian Trailer

Just Cause 3 is a mere twelve days away from launch and i for one cannot wait. As the trailers make me trail drool all over my desk, Square Enix and...
Chivalry: Medieval Warfare - PS4 box art

Slick’s Quick Hits: Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

Sometimes it is good to port a game to new consoles. Take Divinity: Original Sin for example. Unfortunately, there are times when a game like Chivalry: Medieval Warfare gets ported to...
Final Fantasy Explorers - logo

Final Fantasy Explorers Gives You 21 Job Classes To Choose From

Final Fantasy Explorers, the upcoming 3DS action-RPG from Square Enix is looking to be a dream game for fans of the series. We already know that you will be able to...

Go ‘Back To Dinosaur Island’ Free Starting Today

Crytek has released Back To Dinosaur Island today. This tech demo means to demonstrate to gamers what to expect from their CryEngine technology when using the Oculus Rift peripheral. The demo immerses...

Telltale Games’ Game of Thrones Season One Is Complete!

Don't act like you get enough from the TV show or the books! Telltale Games is where it's at as Game of Thrones is an actual game! Filled with the faces...

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