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No 3D For Transformers 3

One person who isn't jumping on that bandwagon though is Michael Bay. Deadline Hollywood says Bay remains skeptical of the technology, specifically the 'up conversion' process used to transform 2D films...

Human Torch To Play Captain America

Chris Evans has been cast as Captain America. I thought it would go to Channing Tatum. What do you think of the casting?

Slick’s Quick Hits: Why you should be watching the Venture Bros.

You mean aside from the fact that it's already in season 4 and you should go watch the back episodes now? My thing is, if you are a MTR regular, there...

More Smallville photos for upcoming Absolute Justice

Here are some newly released promotional photos from this Friday's "Absloute Justice" episode. I know most of you are skeptical, but we shall see how it goes... All photos are courtesy of...

Mid-Season TV Return Dates

Being the TV lover that I am, I figured I would share some of our favorite show's mid-season return dates with you. Thursday, Jan. 14 Community returns at 8PM on NBC - If...

Update on Smallville’s Justice League goodie…

Some of you may have read my earlier post on Smallville's upcoming 2-part Justice League themed episode. Word is that this is no longer the case - the CW has decided to...

Details of the Star Trek blu-ray features

I aim to please. This is what I found on the Star Trek blu-ray features. No word as to whether the different editions will have more or fewer features as this...

Star Trek Blu-Ray Retail Exclusives announced

Ready to buy your unnecessarily overpriced version of the Star Trek Blu-Ray?

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