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Shining a spotlight on podcasters, vloggers and other content creators.


MTR Behind The Mic: Srinivas Rao/Blogcast FM

 Interview Notes Srinivas Rao was our newest Behind the Mic guest. Srini is the host of Blogcast FM. Blogcast FM is an interview series spotlighting the brilliant and creative minds in the...

MTR Behind The Mic: Stephanie Daniels (Crooklyn)/Tapout Radio

  Interview Notes Stephanie Daniels aka Crooklyn took us behind the mic to talk MMA, Tapout Radio as well as her work with Bloody Elbow and Kountermove. Stephanie even put me on the...

MTR Behind The Mic: Kyle Crouse/Nitro Game Injection

Interview NotesMTR Behind The Mic returns with its first interview for 2012. I had the pleasure of speaking to Kyle Crouse from The Nitro Game Injection. Kyle shared his thoughts on...

MTR Behind The Mic: Michael Manna/ T4 Show

This is our first installment of our app/iTunes exclusive interview series MTR Behind The Mic. Our first guest was the multi talented Michael Manna who wrestling fans may know as Stevie...

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