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MTR Beyond The Mic

The My Take Radio interview series spotlighting creative talent from various avenues.


MTR Beyond The Mic: The Phat Startup

 Interview Notes When I started MTR in 2006 I was just a guy with a USB microphone and the desire to share my views with the masses on a grand scale. I...

MTR Beyond The Mic: Maurizio Macagno/Sensoria Fitness

  Interview Notes If you are a tech enthusiast and a gym rat then you have seen the all the different devices that seek to monitor everything from your sleep pattern to your...

MTR Beyond The Mic: Mike Kingston/Headlocked: The Last Territory

Interview Notes Mike Kingston returns to MTR Beyond The Mic to talk about the latest chapter in the Headlocked series and the Kickstarter campaign being used to get this next chapter released....

MTR Beyond The Mic: Gidget

Interview Notes Rich sat down with Gidget in the latest episode MTR Beyond The Mic. If you have been by the fanpage you have seen some of the many great cosplays from...

MTR Behind The Mic: Devon Gamble/This Week In The Cinema

Interview Notes I have to start by apologizing to my guest Devon Gamble since I thought this episode had already been released to the general public. It appears that my web connection...

MTR Beyond The Mic: Jesse Johnson (Director)/Wonder Woman Fan Film

Interview Notes In this latest installment of MTR Beyond The Mic we had the chance to sit down with Jesse Johnson whose Wonder Woman fan film has been setting the web ablaze...

MTR Beyond The Mic: Jason David Frank/ Mixed Martial Artist, Power Ranger and Guinness...

Interview Notes In our latest installment of MTR Beyond The Mic we interviewed Jason David Frank. A lot of you may know Jason from his work on Power Rangers but there is...

MTR Beyond The Mic: Derrick Samuels/EnGeniux

Interview Notes Derrick Samuels from EnGeniux joined us for this new episode of Beyond The Mic. Many of you may remember Derrick from episode of 98 of My Take Radio where he...

MTR Beyond The Mic: Katie Brinks/NEST

Interview Notes Katie Brinks from Nest was our latest guest on MTR Beyond The Mic. What is Nest? Nest is an intelligent thermostat that learns your schedule, programs itself and most importantly...

MTR Beyond The Mic: Adam Jay/ Superhero Photography

  Interview Notes Adam Jay took time out of his busy schedule and stopped in for a new episode of MTR Beyond The Mic.  Adam has been making headlines throughout the geek community...

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