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JVB Reviews: Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II

Is the Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II my ideal walk-around camera? Yes, it is! https://youtu.be/yUaW6X4jHKE

Astro Announces New Call of Duty: WWII Themed A10 Headset

Astro is once again supporting a soon to be released title with a custom headset as they announced today a special Call of Duty: WWII A10 headset. Revealed at Call of...

Watch Samsung’s Next Note Unveiling Here Beginning At 11 AM ET

Samsung looks to get ahead of Apple's imminent iPhone launch with the unveiling of their next Note device. Many fans including yours truly were let down after the Note 7 fiasco...

4W Product Review: Foldio & Foldio 360 Smart Turn Table

What is it? The Foldio is a portable studio with built-in dimmable LED lighting that allows the user to take high quality pro-grade product photos anywhere. This product can be used alone, but we...

Logitech Collaborates With eSports Players On G Pro Mechanical Keyboard

Logitech continues to bolster their presence in the pro gamer space with various peripherals the latest being their new G Pro Mechanical Keyboard. This new keyboard was developed in partnership with...

Synology Unveils DSM 6.1 NAS OS

If you have been reading RAGE Works or listening to MTR then you've heard me mention Synology numerous times. Synology makes some kick-ass NAS (Network Attached Storage) units and we started...

4W Product Review: DarbeeVision DVP-5000S

Does the DVP-5000S have a place in your home theater? When it comes to high definition video, the goal is always to have to the most mind-blowing image possible. The road to...

4W Review: Huawei Watch-Elegant

Specs Display: 1.4-inch full circle AMOLED display 400x400 screen resolution, 286 ppi | OS: Android Wear | Processor: 1.2 GHz Qualcomm® Snapdragon 400 | Memory: 4GB ROM; 512MB | Dimensions: Body: 44mm diameter x 12.45mm thin Band: 180mm...

ASTRO Announces Budget Friendly A10 Headset (E3 2017)

When it comes to value priced headsets for your PC or console gaming there are a variety of solid choices from various manufacturers. ASTRO at the time was not one of them...

4W Product Review: Gaems Vanguard

What is it? The Gaems Vanguard is a "Personal Gaming Environment" as per the marketing buzzwords but in layman's terms it is a console carry case with an integrated HD screen that...

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