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My Take On: HTC Wildfire S

Specs: Manufacturer : HTC Carrier: T-Mobile,US Cellular Connectivity: GSM/CDMA Price: $249.99 w/o contract via T-Mobile CPU: 600 MHz Onboard Storage: 512 MB w/ Micro SD expansion slot Pros: 3G Long battery life Ease of use Clear calls Cons: Size Speakerphone Multitasking   Hardware: The HTC Wildfire S is a...

My Take On: iWOW 3D

6UKJJVWDQ94R   Product Info: Manufacturer : SRS Labs Compatibility: iPad,iPod,iPhone Connectivity: 30- pin dick connector Price: MSRP: $59.99 Purchase Link:   Product Pictures:   User Pictures:     My Take: I was introduced to the products from SRS labs while attending the GDGT event in NYC....

Slick’s Nit-Picks: Turntable.fm

Social networking has seen many stages of evolution over the years and the next big thing is now upon us. A new site allowing lovers of every genre to share their...

My Take On: Plantronics GameCom X95

Product Info: Manufacturer : Plantronics Compatibility: Xbox 360 Connectivity: Wireless w/ 2 AAA batteries Price: $99.99 MSRP   Purchase Link:   Product Pictures:   User Pictures:   My Take: As a gamer I usually don’t play multi-player often. Most times I play my games...

1st Impression:Playstation Move

Earlier today I made a trip to Roosevelt Field in Westbury, NY to research some Sony cameras for the NY Comic Con and tucked in the corner what did I spy...

Slick’s Quick Hits: The Nintendo DSi XL

Yesterday, Nintendo pulled out the good ol' beat you in the head stick and released another winner in the Nintendo DSi XL. The fourth incarnation of Nintendo's dual-screened handheld is for...

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