Marvel Comics First Look: Marvel Now! Revolution

Avengers vs. X-Men may be over but Marvel Now! is preparing readers for the revolution. Are you ready? Related articles Frazer Irving joins 'Uncanny X-Men' ( New Artist Brings REVOLUTION to UNCANNY X-MEN (

Marvel Comics First Look: Amazing Spider-Man #700

If I had to name one ongoing series that was always in my pull folder at any comic store it would have to be Amazing Spider-Man. Amazing Spider-Man has always been...

Marvel Comics First Look: Hawkeye # 7

Before I share the news regarding this issue let me start off by saying that until a few years ago I honest thought Hawkeye sucked immensely to the point where I...

Marvel Comics First Look: Dexter

Dexter Morgan makes the jump to the Marvel Universe in what I am sure will be a great series. Dexter's character has always been a pleasure to follow in the novels...

Marvel Goes Pink For Breast Cancer Awareness Month

As many of you may have noticed  MTR is sporting the pink throughout the site but we are not the only ones doing some redecorating in the spirit of breast cancer...

Marvel Comics First Look: Thunderbolts #1

The Thunderbolts are reborn for Marvel Now and the roster is probably one of the best thus far.  Led by “Thunderbolt” Ross aka Red Hulk this team has some of  Marvel’s...

Bring Tyrion Lannister Home Courtesy of Dark Horse

After reading the Game of Thrones books and watching the HBO series every Sunday I have a stable of characters who I enjoy very much. Sure we can talk about characters...

Marvel Comics First Look: Avengers Assemble #7

Earth Mightiest and the Guardians of the Galaxy are in the for the fight of their lives this September. If you thought Thanos with the Infinity Gauntlet was dangerous imagine him...

Marvel Comics First Look: Daredevil #17

Daredevil’s new run continues with three Eisner Award lending their talents to this issue. Mark Waid is joined by guest artist Michael Allred and colorist Laura Allred whose talents will bring...

First Look: Ultimate Spider-Man & The Hulk

Can’t get enough of the Hulk?! This Sunday on Ultimate Spider-Man, catch more HULK SMASH action as he teams up with Spidey to take down an invisible villain who’s destroying Manhattan!...

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