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Marvel First Look: The Future of Marvel NOW! is FIRED

“How long did you think you could keep this up?” ”How long did you think you could keep them from noticing?” “Keep her from noticing?” ”Did you think the world would just accept...

Marvel First Look: Uncanny X-Men #1 (53 State Birds Variant)

Cyclops’ X-Men have faced many trials in the past year, having to deal with the Phoenix Force and the Avengers. Of course, that means that Deadpool has time to pose for...

Marvel Comics First Look: Marvel Now! X-Men# 1

As the Marvel NOW! train rolls forward, an ironic take on the mutant world is taken with the all-ne, all female X-Men! Marvel is gambling big on this one. Storm, Rogue,...

Marvel Comics First Look: Thanos Rising #1

The Future of Marvel NOW! Is THANOS RISING! Superstars Jason Aaron & Simone Bianchi Tell The Story Behind The Son Of Titan!   New York. NY—January 16th, 2013— This April, the true origin behind...

Marvel Comics First Look: Ultimate Spider-Man Season 2

Our friends at Marvel sent us a new trailer for the second season of the Ultimate Spider-Man animated series on Disney XD. This season has more of the great action from...

Great Month for Dark Horse as Hellboy In Hell #2 Sells Out

After a great first issue Hellboy’s journey through hell is only going to get crazier and definitely weirder. Nice to see Mike Mignola’s art taking center stage once again. HELLBOY IN HELL...

Marvel Comics First Look: Thunderbolts #7

  When I found out the relaunched Thunderbolts were going to include Deadpool, Venom,Rulk, Elektra and The Punisher I thought it was not going to work due to some of the characters...

Marvel Comics First Look: Marvel Now! I Scream

Whenever Deadpool is involved I know it’s going to be good so I’ll just leave it at that. Related articles Deadpool: Cable and Death added to character roster (vg247.com)

Marvel Comics First Look: Marvel Now! Ravenous

The newest teaser for Marvel Now! spotlights Thor,  Lady Sif and The Warriors Three. I have to admit that Marvel Now! has some great books on the horizon but my concern...

Marvel Comics First Look: Marvel Now! Game On

    I am thinking either Mojo or Arcade are involved somehow. I guess we’ll find out in April when the story is revealed as part of Marvel Now!

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