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First Look: Defenders #1 [Variant]

DEFENDERS #1 (OCT110587) DEFENDERS #1 IMMONEN VARIANT (OCT110588) Written by MATT FRACTION Pencils & Cover by TERRY DODSON Variant Cover by STUART IMMONEN   It looks like Marvel’s House of Ideas is bringing back a team that...

First Look: Avengers Origins: Thor #1

AVENGERS ORIGINS: THOR #1 Written by KATHRYN IMMONEN Art by AL BARRIONUEVO Cover by GERARD PAREL The Avengers film will be in theaters before you know it and Marvel wants to ensure your comic knowledge...

It’s Coming [Marvel]

Marvel begins the hype machine for its next big event. The question is what or who is coming in 2012?

What If There Wasn’t Only One? [Marvel]

Marvel teases its fans with their next big storyline. I am guessing super soldiers but I could be wrong. I am hoping to learn more at NYCC this upcoming week. If...

1st Impression: Wolverine and The X-Men

  With the recent events of X-Men Schism your favorite X-teams look a bit different but one change that is substantially different is the fact that everyone’s favorite mutant loner is now...

Uncanny X-Men Ends and Begins Anew

I have read Uncanny X-Men for a long time and it was one of my favorite x-books. With the huge arcs of Fear Itself & Schism coming to a close it...

1st Impression: Shad Gaspard’s Assassin & Son

Former WWE superstar and actor Shad Gaspard stopped by a while back and gave us an update on this project. Now I present you with a trailer for the upcoming Assassin...

MTR Reader/Listener Poll: Best Venom: Gargan or Brock?

Title says it all folks. Who was the better Venom     VS  And yes Gargan Venom did have a tail at one point. For those that didn’t know here is the proof   Trying...

My Take On: The Demise Of Wizard & Toyfare

When I awoke for work today I was greeted by the sad news via Twitter and Facebook that Wizard and Toyfare will be no more. After confirming from multiple sites and...

Does anyone love Lara Croft this much?

The Art of Tomb Raider is the first book to present every signifcant piece of Tomb Raider art from all the games and adventures of Lara Croft. This gallery of art...

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