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1st Impression: The Impossible

It was only matter of time before Hollywood turned the tsunami disaster into a film much like they did for 9/11. The movie definitely looks well done and has the makings...

My Take On: Evil Dead

Spoiler Free Plot Synopsis When five friends head to a cabin to stage an intervention  for one of their own they discover a "Book of the Dead" that unleashes an unspeakable evil. Kick...

Slick’s Nit-Picks: Young Justice, Episode 111 – “Terrors”

It’s been a long summer with no new episodes of Young Justice to enjoy. Last week was no real season premiere because a huge chunk of fans had already seen the...

Slick’s Nit-Picks: ThunderCats, Episode 103 – Ramlak Rising

Lion-O is now lord of the ThunderCats and ruler of Thundera, but with Thundera destroyed and less than a handful of ThunderCats remaining, what is there to rule? Had he only...

1st Impression: The Lego Movie

When I first discussed the concept of this film on air I felt it was not going be successful but I have to admit the trailer changed my mind  quite a...

1st Impression: The Woman in Black

Fresh off the Harry Potter phemomenon Daniel Radcliffe is back to work. This film looks pretty solid based on the trailer. It has shades of Tim Burton’s Sleepy Hollow. https://www.traileraddict.com/emd/44207   Related articles Daniel Radcliffe...

1st Impression: Danny Trejo’s Vengeance

I think I’ve seen this before! Isn’t this Machete? I am guilty of seeing all of these crazy Danny Trejo films and Vengeance will most likely be added to the list....

MTR Rewind: My Take Radio-Episode 80– Shad Gaspard

I am hoping that I can create these posts after every guest going forward. I am starting with last nights guest Shad Gaspard. It took a lot of work on Andrea’s...

Look a 3DS……Didn’t see that coming

Speculation has become a reality as Nintendo unveiled their new 3DS which utilizes a unique 3D presentation that doesn’t require 3D glasses.Check out some of the great footage of Nintendo’s newest...

1st Impression: The Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn

Steven Spielberg returns to the directors chair for what looks like the must see film of the holiday season. With an all star voice cast and some very impressive 3D motion...

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