TNA has been riding the wave of Hulkamania recently, which while good in theory, has done nothing to improve TNA wrestling overall. Like any fan that watches wrestling I am used to the good, the bad and the ugly programming that is created by wrestling promotions. As such, this week proved to be the breaking point for me as a fan – simply because TNA is not following simple logic which is “bad guys win” and “good guys try to get revenge”. The fans tune in to see this happen. All their skits and BS in an attempt to be different are just hurting a potentially good product.

I am by no means a wrestling expert or an insider, but I have been a lifelong wrestling fan and as such feel that I can appreciate good and bad equally. TNA as of late has run the gamut of shitty programming and good wrestling  and good programming with shitty wrestling. Here are a few things that have really frustrated me in term of storylines and booking.

The Good:

  • TNA Ranking System: A really good idea that removes the usual crop of talent out of the main event scene and adds new and intriguing matchups.
  • The Pope: He has great presence, is athletic and good on the mic.
  • Matt Morgan: Matt Morgan’s heel turn has been a fun ride and opens up tons of potential feuds.
  • Samoa Joe: No face tattoos, just straight ass-whooping which is what Joe needed to be doing from the get go.


The Bad:

  • The Pope: Now, you may wonder why he’s here as well, and that is simple. As soon as Pope gains momentum and the fans react strongly to him, TNA decides to job him out and have him lose. Pope should always be in contention and win on TV yet lose on PPV, simply because when he does win on a PPV, the fans will then be more receptive.
  • Mr. Anderson: I’d classify him as 50% bad simply because even though he had a great match with Angle, he continues to have 50/50 promos. Sometimes he’s on and sharp, and other times it's a mish mash of juvenile delivery.
  • Making AJ Styles a chump and then trying to make him a threat to Rob Van Dam
  • Crazy Ric Flair: While funny in the beginning, the shtick has worn out. Flair is a shadow of his former self and looks ridiculous carrying on the way he does.
  • X-Division: It's not as prevalent a division as it used to be and it’s sad because it was what separated them from WWE
  • Women’s wrestling: Not as good as it used to be and the matches have been short and sloppy
  • Blood: The overuse of blood and blade jobs have watered down the significance of the proverbial “crimson mask”.

The Ugly:

  • Abyss: Power ring, red & yellow ring gear that makes him more Hogan flunky then “Monster”
  • Hogan: If you are the authority figure that’s fine, but having to see you at minimum 5 times per broadcast is a bit much.
  • Lacey Von Erich: Easy on the eyes yet terrible in the ring. Someone please work with her so she doesn’t hurt herself or any other Knockout.
  • Letting Awesome Kong & Daniels jump ship. Two talented workers that were assets to their respective classes
  • Trying to compete against WWE early on instead of growing and establishing the brand.
  • O-Zone: Weird, Androgynous and not really meshing well in the TNA universe. Make him more like  Goldust circa-late 90's and less like a joke
  • The Oldsiders: With their days long behind them, and now working with EY since they clearly have no other way to make Young relevant. Nash makes a great authority guy or even Enforcer, but the need for these guys to wrestle escapes me.