Does the Student Educate the Champion?

House of Glory: The Movement


So, I can whole-heartedly tell you I am a House of Glory supporter. In fact, I should be recognized as the beat writer for the promotion. So now since I have that self-proclaimed title for HOG, I can feel free to share with the masses that I was worried about this promotion for some time. I remember some years ago being at the first show which had a crowd of about 40 attendees. You could hear a fly fart in the room and the fans were unsure of what they were witnessing. The room had dim lighting, the audio was a bit dated, the fans were not prepared for the action, and the wrestlers had somewhat of a following but were in the early stages of developing a connection with the audience. Fast forward to this past Friday night. House of Glory still has that intimate feel but now the audience is filled with 250 plus fans, the original talent has a strong fan following, the promotion has a large buzz in New York City and the surrounding states, and storylines are intense and passionate. House of Glory, both as a school and a promotion, has grown leaps and bounds from its embryo stages to a full-force independent promotion that is looking for the bigger prize. With the current momentum they are having now, House of Glory should have no problem snagging their goals in no time soon. This past Friday, House of Glory’s The Movement was adequately named because these guys seem to be making the move from underdogs to overachievers…and that’s not a bad thing.