This week RAW celebrated 20 years of television programming and I must say I was deeply disappointed in the show. For a show which has become a staple of Monday nights, even more so than Monday Night Football because while football has an off season, we are blessed to have pro wrestling 52 weeks of the year. This past RAW had its usual montage of video clips of shocking and epic moment from years past, but the show fell flat with the lack of past superstars and match up that can mix the old with the new. Think about it, The New Age Outlaws against Team Hell No would have been awesome! Or, Doink versus Santino in a Laugh Man Standing match could have been epic! But what did we get, everybody dressed up to the tails with nowhere to go. I must say, the Miz TV segment with Ric Flair as the guest was good until Antonio Cesaro showed up, then it became great! So for this I felt it was best not to honor a weekly face or heel, but to honor…

Face/Heel of the Week RAW’s 20 Years

Face of RAW’s 20 Years – Stone Cold Steve Austin

If you believe that Stone Cold is the best wrestler of RAW’s full history, give me a “HELL YEAH”! The Texas Rattlesnake is the man who was anti-establishment, anti-management, anti-sobriety, and anti-McMahon. Steve Austin took the one finger salute and made it a household signature. Who didn’t want to walk into their boss’s office, down a Steveweiser, and hit the Stunner across the head cheese’s desk? Stone Cold graced us with the most epic matches and segments in RAW’s history of programming. From bringing the venom to center ring when Vincent Kennedy McMahon was presenting Iron Mike Tyson to the world of wrestling, to the various vehicles he drove into the arena, especially the beer truck which left The Rock soaking wet and Vinny Mac swimming in the center of the ring. Stone Cold was that guy who had the right words to say, even if it was getting bleeped by the censors. And that’s the bottom line, because Jay Santy, I mean, Stone Cold, said so!


Heel of RAW’s 20 Years Eric Bischoff

I know, the obvious choice would have been The Chairman of the Board Vince McMahon, but why not pick a man who utterly wanted to destroy WWE and put the company out of business. (And almost did it too.) Eric Bischoff had a game plan and almost was able to follow through with it to the fullest. Bischoff signed the big names coming off contract with WWE, gave them a $h!t load of money, formed a faction that was not only menacing but was insanely cool, and had a show which was running live against RAW. While RAW was airing pre-recorded episodes, Monday Night Nitro was live and giving away RAW spoilers. Eric Bischoff almost was able to close the casket on WWE and be known as the man who conquered the WWE powerhouse. But, with one slip of the tongue of an idiotic announcer who gave away a championship match result from RAW, which had several hundred thousand viewers change channels and the storylines which had basically everyone joining the NWO, WCW and Eric Bischoff basically committed promotional suicide. To Mr. Bischoff, if you can’t beat em’, join em’, then get fired by them.

Mr. Ear to the Mat

Jay Santy

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