As a fan of MMA and pro wrestling I have had lengthy discussions with fans of both sports regarding mixed martial artists that would transition well into the world of pro wrestling. This list is in particular order and the fighters are being chosen based on athleticism and personality. If you feel that I may have missed someone or that there is someone that needs to be here by all means share your thoughts in the comments section or our Facebook fan page.  Let’s get started



10. Tito Ortiz: The self-professed “People’s Champ” as he likes to be known as has all the tools to make in pro wrestling. Amateur wrestling and mic skills make a great addition to any roster. The only factors that may hinder him are his age and his pre-existing neck injuries.


9. Quinton “Rampage” Jackson: A guy who has pro wrestler written all over him. He is on the verge of completing his last fight with the UFC and is sure to make wherever he goes. Rampage much like Tito has tremendous fan appeal. While he tends to be a little crazy sometimes it is that type of crazy that makes him a perfect fit for the wild world of pro wrestling.


8. Josh Koscheck: No one embodies the heel persona in MMA better than Kos. There is no fighter yet that I’ve seen that can infuriate their opponent to the point of attacking them post fight. Kos has amazing crowd work and a stellar collegiate wrestling background. He is the definition of heel and would thrive in a pro wrestling environment.


7. Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal :  Showman? Check , Great Mic Skills? Check , Pro-Wrestling Fan? Check. King Mo has all the traits and skills to be a force in pro wrestling. We are in an era where African-American superstars are few and far between and Mo has the tools to be a mainstream success. With his recent release from Strikeforce and his health issues  resolved a lot of rumors point towards a career in the squared circle. Mo has much to offer MMA but I am sure wrestling promotions are watching in the event he wants to change careers.


6. Jason “Mayhem” Miller: Leader of the Mayhem Monkeys and quite possibly one of the craziest guys in the game. When not serving bullies on Bully Beatdown  you can find Mayhem on Twitter do what he does best. Being awesomely weird. Mayhem has makings of a lovable loser like Santino Marella  currently. Mayhem is no loser by any means but his persona seems more at home in the confines of a pro wrestling environment.


5. Gina Carano: Proclaimed as the face of Women’s MMA  this talented athlete has taken her skills in the cage and expanded into TV and now film. In an era where legitimacy is the name of the game there are few women that can bring a real world toughness to any organizations women’s division like Gina can. The only other women capable of that transition is Christiane “Cyborg” Santos who has already entertained a pro wrestling career.


4.Josh Barnett: The “Warmaster” is an enigma! Besides being a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt he is extremely proficient at integrating catch wrestling into MMA. Barnett is not only a mixed martial artist but has already honed his pro wrestling in Japan and in my opinion is one of the best American representatives of strong style pro wrestling and of course he can cut a mean promo. While WWE is currently paying Brock Lesnar an arm and a leg for a one year contract we have a guy like Barnett that would take the Lesnar angle to a whole new level. Josh will be fighting Daniel Cormier on May 19th and we'll see how he fares amongst the UFC heavyweights. If for some reason it doesn't work out I hope the WWE takes notice at what an excellent addition the man formerly known as the “Baby-Face Assassin”  would make to their roster.


3.Phil Baroni: The New York Bad-Ass is the epitome of the cocky heel in the world of pro wrestling. His entrances and fight interviews have always been on the theatrical side and I think he would fare well on any wrestling roster with his technical skills and excellent mic work.


2.Daniel Cormier: Daniel Cormier is one of the premiere wrestlers currently competing in the heavyweight ranks. He is a fan of pro wrestling and is a marketable athlete with and NCAA and Olympic wrestling background. If you want a guy that can be this generations Kurt Angle then Cormier is your guy.


1. Chael Sonnen: I won't even write why but I will say… Ahh hell just watch this.

  • Fighter of The Month [April]: Jon “Bones” Jones(

  • Welcome to the UFC Hector Lombard(


  1. Ben, You’re damn right about that. Overeem would end up main eventing based on look alone lol

  2. GSP was left out because his mic work isn’t that good. WWE’s current product focuses on talkers and less on in ring ability which is unfortunate. While GSP would be a great fit for the reasons Handel stated his accent and mic work would make him a tough sell as a pro wrestling performer.

    Overeem is another great suggestion but Overeem is all athlete and less theatrics.

  3. Secondly, I feel a very important member is missing: GSP. Let me explain. Everyone you mentioned is awesome and is pretty much a badass with Gina Carano pretty much being the sweetheart. You need an overwhelmingly good guy in there. GSP is like the John Cena of the UFC, but to a higher degree. No one makes this guy mad. He just smiles and says have a nice day, then comes in the ring and beats your ass. He would be the perfect “face” of the WWE.

  4. Great article and I have a few ideas. First, this group you picked should band together and hit WWE together like a tidal wave. The next nWo they would destroy the competition and make Brock Lesnar cry.

  5. yea that is true he comes off as way to akward to be able to cut a good promo

  6. I had contemplated that and was almost going to do it but in terms of transitioning into a complete package Jones would need to step up his mic work. Athletically no question of course

  7. just off the ability to toss other grown men around like rag dolls you gotta put bones in there

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