Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom - logo

Shiness Breaks Down Its Character Roster

Shiness (formerly "Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom") is an upcoming action RPG from French indie developer Enigami. last month we showed a trailer of Shiness that gave you a look at the art and...
Final Fantasy XIV - logo

Final Fantasy XIV: Secrets of the Sound

Final Fantasy XIV first released nearly six full years ago and is still going strong as one of the top MMORPGs in the game. Square Enix is extremely proud of their...

36 New Superstars Join The WWE 2K17 Roster

The WWE 2K17 roster continues to grow thanks to the Suplex City census. Here are the latest superstars announced. You can see the previously announced 22 superstars here. AJ Styles Alexa...
Hitman - aim

Hitman Goes Episodic

Hitman will still be available for purchase on March 11, just don't expect to see a disc copy until the end of the year. Io-Interactive and Square Enix have made a...

Ultra Street Fighter IV Hits Retailers Today

While many fans have been enjoying Ultra Street Fighter IV on consoles via PSN and Xbox Live I personally have been waiting for a retail copy. In speaking with other fans of...

Odin Sphere Leifthrasir In Stores Now!

Odin Sphere Leifthrasir is finally available and the magic of the PS2 classic is reborn for a new generation! There is really not much left for me to say after the...

2K Reveals 12 New WWE 2K16 Roster Additions

As the summer starts to wind down the fall gaming season continues to build momentum. 2K has been fueling this momentum with their weekly updates for WWE 2K16. In addition to all...

Pacific Rim- The Video Game Review

With movie games, the less said the better. Games based upon hot, upcoming movies have potential, but thanks to rushed development times are usually met with negative reviews. While some movie...

Odin Sphere Leifthrasir Demo Available Now!

Odin Sphere Leifthrasir will be available for all three PlayStation consoles on June 7. Whether you have ever played the game bfore you might be wondering why you need to play...
Minecraft: Story Mode - Episode Five

Order Up! Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 5 Is Here!

Minecraft: Story Mode has finally returned with what was originally intended to be its final episode. I think Telltale Games may have been a little lost with what to do for...

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