Watch The Nintendo Treehouse Live Event Here At 9:30 AM ET

Nintendo has set the internet ablaze with the news of their upcoming Nintendo Switch console. Reactions have been mixed for the most part but everyone is talking about it. If you...
Gravity Rush 2 - Kat & Ravenvideo

Sony Gives a Late Present to Gravity Rush 2 Fans

If you had the pleasure of playing the first Gravity Rush on PS Vita or the remastered version on PlayStation 4, you got to enjoy the crazy world of Kat and...
HITMAN - Elusive Target 15 cover

HITMAN Elusive Target# 15 – The Angel of Death

Agent 47 thought he would get some time off now that we are officially in the "off season." No such rest for the wicked as a new target has popped up...

HITMAN Elusive Target #14 – The Chef

First, I have to apologize to any fans of my channel for not posting Elusive Target #13. I worked really hard on my plan for it and I failed. Our resident...
HITMAN - Himmapan Horror Challenge Pack

HITMAN Celebrates Halloween With the Himmapan Horror Challenge Pack

HITMAN fans are tenacious about getting info even before it is officially released. One of the groups that I am in leaked info on this challenge pack but I had totally...

HITMAN: 7 Days (Season Finale Countdown)

Agent 47 has concluded business in the United States and returned to ICA headquarters. He and Diana are making plans to take down Providence and find out who this "shadow Client"...

HITMAN Elusive Target# 12 Is Out Today!

Today marks the twelfth HITMAN Elusive Target. It is also the first time that Elusive Targets have been back to back. The moment the eleventh target ended this morning, the twelfth...

HITMAN Elusive Target# 11 – The Fixer

Everyone's favorite HITMAN returns to Africa for the eleventh Elusive Target. Agent 47 has received a double task for this mission. Claus Hugo Strandberg, one of the primary targets from the...

HITMAN Concludes Season 1 In Japan

The mission in Colorado was quite eye-opening for both 47 and Diana. We learned that the shadow client is someone from 47's days in the asylum. Considering his skill, he is...

Yakuza 0 Behind the Scenes

We get to take an inside look at the story behind Yakuza 0 today. SEGA of America localization producer Scott Strichart gives us the lowdown on Kazuma and Majima before they...

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