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The almost anticipated matches between Ziggler and Bryan at Bragging Rights came to a pretty positive reaction from me, and with the win of Bryan against Ziggler also on this week on Raw and SD!, with three out of three wins for Bryan, it looks like the feuds is definitely continuing towards Survivor Series, and to be honest, it could lead to a great Team Ziggler vs Team Bryan “Survivor Series” match. Cannot wait to see what will happen next, as mentioned by me on our podcast, I really love cross-brand matches, and this still could lead to the unification of the titles.


After losing the Tag Team titles on Bragging Rights, Cody and Drew lost to Big Show and Kofi Kingston this week on SD! And that lead to a supposed break up, even if there is still a chance it was just a creative decision to lead them into a jobbing re-match against Slater and Gabriel at Survivor Series or just as a weekly jobbing match. I actually enjoyed the duo as champions, but the Nexus stuff can and lead to more interesting things creatively.


With the help of Nexus, Kane finished the feud with Undertaker (for now) after Undertaker had to go through a shoulder surgery, on top of the fact that there are a lot of rumors that The Undertaker is thinking about retiring after the upcoming Wrestlemania (27). Which could lead eventually to a Kane Vs Taker at Wm27 or the other reports saying Cena as a big heel, Sheamus and yes, Wade Barret, and if he will pick up the title eventually, with the rumors that Vince want to unify the WHCWWE titles, Barret Vs Taker could be very interesting, my guess that it would be Cena, but It is hard to predict since Cena so far is very down the middle with the heel turn, which will get to that next.

Wondering what is next for Kane? Well, at this week at SD!, we saw Edge becoming the N1C status after picking the win against Rey Mysterio and Alberto Del Rio in a Triple Threat Way in a decent match, with his somewhat solid crown reaction to his face turn, and his big momentum that he got from winning (with Rey) the match between Team SD! against Team Raw at Bragging Rights, it looks like Edge could be the perfect fit for SD! in his current shape, even if I am not sure if the WWE will drop the title from Kane this early after getting the huge win over Taker in this feud.


The fantastic split creative booking to retain Orton and his title for one more month since it was reported that the WWE wanted to give Barrett the title to him at Bragging Rights. The smart yet problematic booking gave something quite new (even though some thought it was bad since people wanted a proper heel turn from cena, including myself) to what we got to expect from the WWE, and with the big stipulation that was made during this week's Raw to put Barrett Vs Orton with Cena as the special guest referee was a decent way to really put the whole angle of the heel turn to a test by the WWE. Besides the premise of putting Cena as special guest referee, the main stipulation says that if Cena does not give Barrett the title, he will be fired, but if he will (the proper heel turn), Cena will not be in Nexus anymore. Now the only way Orton could retain the title is if Cena want to take some time off, especially since he is filming another WWE (*sigh) film, but to be honest, it looks like Barrett will pick up the title, and lead Cena to be heel without Nexus, which is the perfect thing for my opinion.



Well, with the attack of Abyss on Pope during the recent show, it looks like the feud will happen eventually, perhaps a match in Turning Point (November 7), and to be honest, this sounds like a horrible idea, two really un-charismatic over-rated “wrestlers” with such a weird gap between the styles could only hurt.

Team 3D's match at Turning Point? Ah… Not Really…

With the recent re-signing of Team 3D with TNA, and with the reports that not a lot of people within the company were happy with that move, and with a “retirement” match at Turning Point against the MCMG, it looks another heel turn of Team 3D when they will pick the titles and go with another feud with MCMG. Since both Generation ME (which are horrible as heels, they look like they are 15, they cannot convey anything heel regarding mic skills) and Beer Money will not get another feud against the (pretty badboring) MCMG face title run, it looks like another classic heel Team 3D feud in the making.

Really? “Robbie E”?

The “Jersey Shore” esque character that is being run by TNA is the most pathetic gimmick I have ever seen, and the fact that TNA gave Jay Lethal the OK to go with the abysmal “Randy Savage” face gimmick just shows that TNA cannot control their creative side into a minimum with some sanity. “Robbie” might have potential, but this horrendous gimmick will only hurt him and since he will eventually pick the X-Division title from Lethal, I hope this crap will end soon.

RVD and his paranoia quest?

The whole RVDEV2Hardy crap is getting really bad, this week, it was just… bad… the match between RVD and Raven against Williams and AJ Styles lead into another moment of big momentum to Fortune going to Turning Point to another useless “last match” against EV2. What does hold for RVD? Hopefully, a release from TNA.

Fortune issues?

With the weird moment by Williams and the whole face turn (?) by Matt Morgan that lead into an attack of Jarrett (picking the win against Morgan who was covering the “concussion” of Anderson) and Fortune, I still think Fortune will continue to be dominant in TNA, but it is unknown what will happen with this faction alongside “Immortals”.

Jarrett Eh?

With the big heel turn of Immortals, Jarrett had a few decent heel moments against Angle, Joe and Morgan, leading to a match between him and Joe, it looks like Jarrett will probably lose to Joe, but will stay at the top of the Immortals faction.

Anderson Vs Hardy @ Turning Point? Really?

This sounds like a horrible match in the making, and since we all know Hardy will retain, it looks almost useless to give a title shot to someone like Anderson so early, same for RVD.