VeRRK returns with his predictions for this Sunday’s Final Resolution PPV.  Do you agree with his picks? Sound off in the comments below. –Rich

Final Resolution This Sunday on PPV.


* Submission Match: Samoa Joe vs. Jeff Jarrett:

While Jarrett's segments were pretty bad, the actual wrestling was good if not great, and while I am not a big fan of Samoa Joe, he is a good submission wrestler. This could be a very good match for proper wrestling fans, but I fear that the ‘heel’ role of Jarrett will lead to numerous ‘heel’ moments that will stop the fluidity of the match.


Samoa Joe, simply because Joe has tapped and “jobbed” to Jarrett with the storyline for quite a while now, so TNA cannot afford Joe to lose on a PPV, but they still gave Jarret the big ‘heel’ momentum for Immortal.

* Casket Match: Abyss vs. The Pope

To be honest, just like the last PPV, anything related to Abyss or The Pope for that matter is just not interesting, but I would take a guess and call Abyss as the winner to give some momentum for Immortal.

* First Blood Match: RVD vs. Rhino

Another pretty bad feud that went nowhere but boring, while the banter between Tommy Dreamer, RVD and Rhino was not that bad, the booking side of things were just bad. Potentially, this could be a decent match for some old-school EC(W) matches, but I fear it won't be as good as it might be on paper.

Winner: RVD, mainly since Rhino is on TNA per appearance since his contract expired (unless it is a big job) on the last PPV.

* #1 Contender’s Match: Beer Money vs. Ink Inc.

Beer Money is a very good tag team for TNA right now, and even with the whole disappointing FortuneImmortal angle, they are still very talented and always gives a good show, but sadly, Ink Inc. is just a bad tag team, Jessy Neal is very lackluster with its moveset and his “gimmick” while Shannon Moore is just decent at best, besides a good move every once in a while.


It could totally go for Inc Ink Vs GenMe or Beer Money Vs MCMG (again), and since this match is before the big title match, I would guess (and hope) for Beer Money and for Fortunes to at some points would have all titles to dominate even more.

* TNA X-Division Title Match: Robbie E. © vs. Jay Lethal (Cookie In A

Cage Suspended Above The Ring):

While the stipulation is just idiotic, cancelling “Cookie” from the match could do just good for Robbie E since he is a very talented wrestler, and it could finally show his true skills against a very veteran (In TNA) Jay Lethal.

Without Cookie, this could be one of the most fascinating matches of the PPV, let's hope there won’t be too much stupid taunts to go with it.

* TV Title Match: AJ Styles © vs. Douglas Williams:

On paper, this is the match of the PPV and for TNA in a long time.

The ‘face’ (and unnecessary) turn of Douglas Williams was ok, but the crowd reaction was not the most impressive thing, but in the end, TNA needs decent ‘Faces’ to go against Fortune, and I think, that it would go for Immortal Vs (Team) Dixie eventually to disband Immortal.


AJ Styles, just because I think TNA will not drop the title to someone who held the X-Division title for so long no too long ago, and the fact that they will want more momentum for Immortal.

* Full Metal Mayhem Tag Team Title Match: The Motor City Machineguns

© vs. Generation Me :

I’ve said this before, but the ‘heel’ turn of GenMe was weird, but they are still very talented, and this match also could potentially be really good, hopefully, it will not go for a very ‘heel’ booking since both Genme and the MCMG are very fast and fun to watch.


As mentioned above, it's a tough guess since I'm not sure if TNA will really drop the titles from the guns after two major feuds since they had the titles.


* TNA World Title Match: Jeff Hardy © vs. Matt Morgan (Mr. Anderson Is Special Referee):

Just like last month, the only reason TNA gave Morgan the second title shot and continued the storyline is to give people like Anderson, Angle and maybe even RVD to sellfinish their current storylines and give Hardy a biglong and proper feud against someone more stable than Morgan.

Just throwing it out there, I wouldn't be surprised if TNA would turn Anderson heel and basically cross Morgan, sicne Anderson said the bigger guy will win, meaning Immortal, not necessarily Morgan. Besides the fact that it is still a job feud (and to build Morgan with the ‘face’ turn obviously).


Jeff Hardy, with a ‘heel’ turn of Anderson.