WWE Title Match

John Cena vs. The Miz:

With the recent development of The Rock and John Cena, it will only make sense that The Rock will cost John Cena the title and give The Miz the victory and probably dropping the title at Backlash and not at WrestleMania and Giving The Miz the proper WM treatment to give him the Main Event status going forward, perhaps drafting him to SD! Soon and give him a big feud there. While I may not like any result out of the two, hopefully there will be some good moments out of that match.


The Miz.


World Heavyweight Title Match

Alberto Del Rio vs. Edge wChristian:

Del Rio is supposed to get the title for sure, I guess there is nothing really much to say about this match. Wrestling wise, it could be quite good, even if Edge lost his pace in the past couple of years. Del Rio did great work selling his finisher since he debuted, while the WWE failed to really sell Edge' submission skills and that may be the downside of the booking for the mid-parts of the match.


Del Rio will pick up the win and the title. Even if this will be the second year that Edge is losing at WresleaMania.


The Streak on the Line – No Holds Barred

Triple H vs. The Undertaker:

HHH Vs Taker could be a great match with a lot of good moments, especially if HBK will be involved, but I fear the result always brings down the match since you know what will happen. How the booking will work for me, it will be HHH hitting the Pedigree on Undertaker, HBK hitting the Super-Kick on HHH and costing him the match. It is the best way to sell the angle since the WWE really went with the dialogue of HHH in the past couple of weeks.



WWE United States Title Match

Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus:

The WWE made a small mistake with creating this match. The entire setup to Sheamus picking the US title needed to happen at Wrestlemania and not before that, since now it's making Bryan the hunter, which does not work for his character. On top of the fact that Sheamus lost to HHH last year at WM, and the WWE will not give him two loses twice in a row.

Unless the WWE will want to give Bryan a big WM win to perhaps elevate him to the Upper-Main event card, Sheamus should win this.




Jerry Lawler vs. Michael Cole, Special Referee: Steve Austin

Cole’s trainer Jack Swagger will be in his corner:

There are way too many factors to not give Lawler the win, mainly Steve Austin and the fact that Cole never wrestled before. It is really easy to see how Swagger and Austin will fight each other lead into a cheap shot from Cole to give him the victory, but in the end, this entire thing was meant for Lawler to pick his win.


Jerry Lawler.


Randy Orton vs. CM Punk:

This match could be really good, while not liking CM Punk personally, he work really well in-ring and usually, sell the angle good. The only thing I fear about at the moment is how far the WWE will try to sell the “knee injury” of Orton with the actual match since the pace could potentially be more slow because of that, which is a shame.

I think that CM Punk will win the match but Orton will use a Punt afterwards to give the WWE some time to think of a new gimmick for Punk since it looks like Nexus is done for good.


CM Punk.


Rey Mysterio vs. Cody Rhodes:

On paper, this match could be quite good, the characterization of Cody Rhodes was solid so far, buy with Rey being injured for quite a while, this match can be short or limited because of that.

This WrestleMania match is to push Cody Rhodes to the main event status and I do not see a reason to give Rey the win because of that.


Cody Rhodes.


Snooki, Trish Stratus and John Morrison vs. Michelle McCool, Layla and Dolph Ziggler:

Well, every year, WrestleMania got to have celebrities in really weird and bad matches. This year, it is even worse with a “celebrity” that no one will even remember in a year from now, and unlike past years, there is nothing interesting about that match to be honest. Trish Stratus coming back for a match (She is in Tough Enough so, it makes sense) might push some interest, but the actual match will probably very short and just… Bad.


There is no way that the Face team (with a celebrity) will not pick up the win.

Snooki, Trish Stratus and John Morrison


Big Show, Santino Marella, Kofi Kingston and Kane vs. Wade Barrett, Ezekiel Jackson, Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater:

In my view, it looks like the WWE is looking to continue the faction of The Corre, and with that, Corre winning the match is pretty obvious to me. While WWE might want to disband the faction on a big PPV, Barret just picking the Intercontinental championshsip does not makes sense to split them.

Placing Kofi Kingston instead of Christian to the match will only help selling The Corre winning the match.


The Corre.


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