And The Indy Goes To…

The most entertaining event of the month (which was not televised) was one that was in my own backyard. House of Glory, the wrestling school/promotion that is run by Amazing Red and Brian XL, had a joint show with the Fight-The-World promotion and I must say I was thoroughly entertained. I have worked with House of Glory as a correspondent or interviewer for a couple of their shows, but for this one, I decided I would sit in the crowd as a fan. And I must say, it was better than I expected. Winter Wonderslam was different from previous House of Glory shows. Although the events were all good they were just missing something. The up and coming talent was there, local and known wrestling stars stopped by, but there was just something left out that didn’t really get it over.

That night it hit me, and it was the crowd. The audience in that place was not only an indy type crowd but they also had personality. I am only saying this in a nice way because to be honest, they were vicious. Audience members of the old Apollo Amateur Night would blush and be embarrassed at the stuff being said on this night. But with that kind of energy, the wrestlers were able to feed off of it and brought more excitement to the ring.

And Coming Through the Curtain…

The beginning of the night saw a venue change, which didn’t affect it too much because the new venue was set up nicely and gave it more of an intimate feel. As I walked in with family and friends (big thanks to Brian XL for getting us through the crowd and to our seats) there were a few pre-show matches going on. Some guys can’t make it to the big show and as I watched some of the wrestlers, I understood why. In wrestling, you have to work your way up and with the proper training and organization, which makes the wrestler’s status grow. You guys have to start somewhere but as long as you’re dedicated and have patience, big things can happen.

As for the start of the event, two of the House of Glory students opened the show with a squash match. Although I would have liked to see a bit more of these two young competitors, the match was set to bring the heat for the heel student and indy star Eddie Kingston, who was facing Amazing Red later that evening. With the type of crowd in attendance, it would take a pro like Kingston to save the student from the jackals in the audience.

Who Says Tag Team is Dead?

Up next on the card would have been possibly the match of the night. The tag team division is most common in the indy scene, and in NYC there have been many who have been successful in the circuit. House of Glory’s Tru Talent faced off against the veteran alliance of All Money is Legal. This match was a great choice to open up the night because of the characters and energy it brought. The crowd was a bit harsh at first, but being the pros that they are, All Money is Legal were able to rope the new tag team in as well as the crowd. Both teams showed innovative moves and a flash of charisma, and the match keep everyone captivated and waiting how this flip-flopping match would end. With a classic finish the match, it was still enjoyable and a breath of fresh air. Tru Talent’s Alex Reyes and Mark Quinn look to have promising futures in the tag team division and All Money is Legal brought the schooling into the House of Glory.

Image Credit: Eric. L Cooper

Out Came the Claws

Speaking of breath of fresh air, the ladies were up next. Ladies I say? I didn’t believe it myself but a women’s match was up next and this time I did not have the feeling to go urinate. Candy Cartwright and Aida Marie took center ring and looked like wrestlers rather than models dressed up as wrestlers. (Not to take anything away from any of these ladies appearance-wise because both were capturing the attention of the men in the crowd.) These ladies where able to chain wrestle and looked solid in transitions. If it wasn’t for the interference of Earl Cooter on Candy’s behalf, which by the way she was not happy about, these ladies could have had a strong and tight finish on their own.

Image Credit: Eric L. Cooper

And Then There Was Four…

Now we come to the point of the night where we say “Refreshments”? But no sooner did I want to get up did the ring announcer broadcast to the crowd a Fatal Four Way was next. Once I heard those words I quickly sat myself back down and saw the most different and versatile form of characters I have ever seen in a House of Glory. (At least, that was until I saw the following match.) The four combatants, Andy Lee Ray, Aeroside, Hank Flanders, and Felix Rampage were like a bad ass wrestling version of a bag of Skittles. With their different styles and unique looks, these four initially had the crowd silent, but not for long. All four guys showed flash in flare in a short period of time but I was most impressed with young Andy Lee Ray, whose Pokemon inspired character could go over very well with the younger and some older crowds. I was also impressed with the ring work of Aeroside, who was the winner of this match. Mr. Flanders and Felix Rampage looked as though they would work more as a team than a singles-type performers, but each still showed they can be a developing prospect in years to come.

Enter Banana Man

Next up was a good ol’ Six Man Tag. We had the death metal band look of the Gods of Destruction with the assistance of “Beautiful” Bobby Blue Jay (I know, what a combo) versus the grape Kool Aid look of Beer’d Life with the yellow fruit of life Banana Man. You have a guy in a banana suit wrestling – it is bound to be an interesting match. Unfortunately this match fell a little flat for me. There seemed to be a few noticeable miscues during the match and I didn’t feel the wrestlers in the ring were quite in unison. The crowd also wanted to see a bit more of Mr. Blue Jay’s ring work but it seemed his ring time was used sparingly. Other than that, you gotta love a grown man jumping off the top rope in a banana suit.

Image Credit: Eric L. Cooper


They Called Him Mega Muerte

Before intermission we were blessed with a FTW World Heavyweight Championship match. The champion, The Rockstar, with his loyal groupie Nicoletta, was facing the massive behemoth known as Mega Muerte. When I say this dude is jacked it is an understatement. I was on line to go to the bathroom and I saw the size of this monster from a distance. Upon drawing closer back to my seat, I nearly slipped on the drool Mrs. Ear to the Mat created the floor while googley eyeballing the masked mountain of a man. Of course, the typical routine occurred where the strongman tossed around the champ, who by the way is not a lightweight himself. Also, The Rockstar had the best weapon of all with Nicoletta being his human shield. Once all were outside, Little Schmidt and the VNS Security Squad hog-tied Sir Muerte’s arm and held on for dear life until the 10 count was made. I must say, I would love to see a rematch of this one, and I know Mrs. Ear to the Mat wants to as well.

Image Credit: Evan Arnow


Rednecks and a Painted Face

“The Southern Stud” Earl Cooter came up next against “The Master” Wes Draven. I thought this match would be more high impact and fast paced. Well guess again.  Although this match featured the acrobatic moves of Draven, the crowd was even more vicious then when the night started. As soon as the bell started, the verbal blows from the audience seemed to be more entertaining than this match. Not to take anything away from these two competitors, but the toughest part of a wrestling card is to gain the attention of the audience and do it quickly. If this fight was in the middle of the second half of the card it would have been a standout match. Unfortunately these two gentlemen did their best, even with a run-in by the heart stopping Candy Cartwright couldn't have revived this match.

One Word, Balls

One of the big matches of the night was one which brought an ECW Legend to center ring. Balls Mahoney is a guy who would enter the ring and the crowd backed him with all his extreme awesomeness. Those years are long gone, but in this night, the chant of “Balls” echoed in the House of Glory in a non perverted way. Hell, even my five-year old was chanting Mahoney’s name (don’t judge my parenting choices please). Frankie Starz, Mahoney’s opponent for the night, seemed to somewhat have chemistry with the man of ECW, but some way through the Extreme Rules match there seemed to b ea lost connection. The officiating did not work in this quick match either which I found odd, seeing an extreme match would be easy to call. Well, at least the referee got a lesson in extreme officiating by getting a chair shot from Mr. Hardcore Mahoney.


Image Credit: Evan Arnow

This Time, the Axis Won

So just when we had our serving of extreme competitors, the man known as Justin Credible blessed the House of Glory against “The Big Bad German” Josef Von Schmidt. This match was a square match of indy versus major promotion stars and both of the gents looked great. The former ECW Tag Team and World Champion showed even he can still move in the ring. It’s hard to believe Mr. Credible is going to be 40 this year and still moves like a newcomer. “The German Hammer” looked like a carbon copy of what Hitler wanted to create in mass production and his in-ring ability would have put a smile under the short-lipped mustache one. The match was back and forth until the German Firing Squad proved to be too much for the ECW Champ. After the match, the mammoth Mega Muerte came to even the score from what occurred early on in the night. After I was able to calm the little lady down from hooting and hollering, I was able to see the German region scurrying in fear.


Image Credit: Evan Arnow

The Bell Tolled With a Dreamer

So the card lineup boasted the appearance of the “Houdini of Hardcore” Sabu. The crowd was deep in anticipation and becoming frustrated. One of the head trainers of House of Glory, Brian XL came out to address the crowd on the situation. “WHERE IS SABU” can be heard and other unprintable phrases. Like I said before, this crowd was pretty vicious. Until music hit and out came Tommy Dreamer. Yes friends, “The Innovator of Violence” had entered the House of Glory and the crowd was at their feet with excitement. Well, maybe not all. There was still one small section which was still unimpressed, and that’s when a pro shows his skills. Tommy Dreamer jumped on the mic and work the crowed over and DEMOLISHED the “Heckler of the Night”. It was a strong match between Dreamer and Brian XL, a few ball, I mean bell shots, and mouthful of water to turn the crowd. This might have been a last-minute match, but it was awesome to see what can come together in a spur of the moment.


Image Credit: Eric L. Cooper

So Amazing

Finally, we come to the main event.” The Bad Man” Eddie Kingston would face off with Brooklyn’s own Amazing Red. This match had the right mix of power and rugged wrestling from Kingston and the high-flying quickness of Red. With a student in Eddie Kingston's corner, it would seem that Red was going to be the odd man out. But Bushwick's high flyer pulled out all the stops with twisting suicide dives to the outside area. With a Frog Splash finale, Amazing Red was able to send Eddie Kingston packing and his own student running with his tail between his legs.


Image Credit: Evan Arnow

Take It Home Guys…

On a chilly Saturday evening in January, House of Glory and Fight-The-World turned the heat up. I can say this was the best show out of the HOG camp and I look forward for more to come. There are plans and matches being set for the next show, and whether as a talent or a fan, I most definitely will be in attendance on March 30, 2013.

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  1. Correction: The wrestlers name in the Fatal 4 Way was mistakenly spelled as Arrowside. The wrestlers name is 
    Aerocide. sorry for the confusion.

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