Lucha Underground’s First “No Mas” Match Goes Down Tonight!


Lucha Underground continues to captivate and amaze wrestling fans with their compelling stories and unique characters, and the latest season shows that there is no risk too great for the superstars of the promotion. Tonight's episode will have a “No Mas” match between Sexy Star and Mariposa for one of Lucha Underground's Aztec medallions. If you don't already know, “no mas” translates to “no more” and can be viewed as a way to say “I quit” and you can rest assured that these ladies will pull out all the stops to force their opponent to say those magical words.

Also, the issues between Catrina and Dario Cueto will continue to escalate this week, plus there are quite a few unclaimed medallions that are up for grabs with plenty of superstars looking to claim them. Tune in to the action tonight at 8pm ET on the El Rey Network. Check your local listings to see if you have El Rey or look for Lucha Underground on iTunes.