Mr. Ear to the Mat has now been lucky enough to be asked to add more of his writing and thoughts to My Take Radio. I want to thank the head guys of the pages and radio for giving me the opportunity on my Face / Heel of the Week and over the airwaves. I also want to thank the readers and the supporters on Facebook and Twitter who read my articles each week. I hope you enjoy my thoughts and please comment and voice your own opinion as well as like my page. Also, please look through and be a part of the other subjects on My Take Radio. The website has a variety of topics and each writer and contributor can wet reader's palette. Thanks for everyone’s support and please continue to ride with us.

This column will be a monthly rundown of what I and others may have been through in the world of wrestling. From the major promotions to the indy scene, I will give you my take and rundown of what I have seen and felt. Some may be likeable, some may be uncomfortable, but all my views are from the gut. As well as I can dish it, I sure as well am able to take it.

The Minor of the Majors

First on the table is the world of the “Minors Majors”. Well, that’s what I call it anyway. First off, I am a wrestling fan. I’ll watch all different types of promotions regardless of how horrible or off the map it is, but TNA is getting me to a point where I have beyond lost all reasoning to watch. TNA Impact has become as confusing to watch as someone explaining the structure of a person’s DNA in American Sign Language. I have lost count of how many angles are intertwined, who are faces and who are heels, why one wrestler doesn’t like another, why one-half of the Women’s Knockout Tag Team Champions is a guy, and why the good ideas such as Gut Check fall flat? The craziest aspect is although most of the television program is hard to follow, the PPV’s are actually pretty good. TNA Genesis had some really strong matches, almost predictable, but strong nonetheless. I really think the creative staff is a group of individuals who spin around in a chair while drinking malt liquor and tossing darts at a wall of subjects hoping it makes sense for a storyline. And by the way, Aces and Eights is this century’s sad and lonely version of the NWO with leather jackets.

One promotion which I hope can pick up steam in my region is Ring of Honor. The best part of this promotion is the wrestling. THESE GUYS CAN WRESTLE! The problem, I CAN”T GET IT HERE IN NEW YORK CITY! I either have to pay a monthly bill to watch the show weekly on the ROH website or create a backdoor into the wrestling search engine via Google in the hopes some kid from Blackpool England can share his feed with me and the rest of the IWC. If you haven’t watched a ROH match, please do yourself a favor and watch the last PPV or borrow one of your friend’s DVD’s; which I know would be impossible because if he’s a true fan he will act like he doesn’t know what you are talking about and hang up his phone on you. Each chain and move set these guys orchestrates looks like a finisher. Did somebody say a suplex into a rolling powerbomb is NOT a Create-A-Finisher in this promotion but ONLY in WWE '13? Apparently not, the only thing that lacks here is that of mic skills. I figure this is where guys will learn their craft and chip their teeth in learning how to work a crowd. Other than that, this promotion is awesome! The fans are respectful and loyal, the Code of Honor is a nice touch, and the wrestlers are gracious to the fans. All I can say is I don’t care about wanting my MTV, I WANT MY ROH!!!!

Were We Ready to Rumble?

Now on to the big leagues. WWE, what are you doing to us? This past Sunday was one of the four big events of the year, the Royal Rumble. The lineup was actually good and the Rumble was fun to watch. The Del Rio/Big Show match for the World Heavyweight Championship was entertaining. The Tag Team match was soild. Hell, although I knew John Cena would win the Rumble at least I was entertained. Even the buildup to the event through RAW and SmackDown this month added some great elements to the PPV. CM Punk and The Rock had their first verbal clash this month which stirred up the frenzy. The first Last Man Standing match between Del Rio and Big Show brought the fans to their feet (no pun intended). But then it went sour. First off, the name of the event is Royal Rumble, but yet it wasn’t THE MAIN EVENT! Then, the main event which was the champ CM Punk versus The Rock, THEY GAVE THE STRAP TO THE ROCK! Basically, this means a guy can at any moment walk away from wrestling, come back eight years later, show his face once every six months, fight the man who has held the belt for over a year, and WIN! Not even deadbeat dads get this type of love from their children. For me, if he lost at the Rumble and then won at Elimination Chamber would be somewhat reasonable to understand. You know, work a little bit and tease a few wins for The Rock before the payday. But outright say “Here Rock! Take this title with you while you’re doing promotion for your movies”? And don’t get me started on how he captured the win with The People’s Elbow. I couldn’t win a match using the People’s Elbow playing WWE SmackDown: Here Comes the Pain! Well, as a good smart mark that I am, I’m just going to have to suck it up and hope for Cena to win at ‘Mania. Wait, did I just say that? BLAH!!!


No I’m The Tag Team Champions!

I am a smart mark, a smark, I am fine with it. I like making assumptions although 90% of my assumptions are correct. And yes, I am a better creative writer than all the writers in all the promotions. But you know what else I am? A wrestling fan and each month I want to share my hobby and thoughts with the masses. We all think we know what’s best for wrestling and the majorities of us bash each show but watch it the next week. But you know what, We are wrestling fans…

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  1. LOVED the part about ROH! And I agree, living here in NJ, it’s near impossible to keep up with this promotion that if you ask me, is just a tad bit better than TNA. They need a national TV deal!

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