In our latest MTR Pick 10, I decided to look at moves that were formerly used as finishers and are now utilized in matches as standard moves. While some wrestlers still rely on these classics, the fact is that finishers have evolved into more impactful or flashy moves. Here are my picks and note there is no particular order this time around. (Also, I have to thank our very own Jay Santy for his input while I compiled this list.)


Used by: JBL (WWE), Stan Hansen (NJPW)

The lariat a/k/a the clothesline has always been an impactful move, but over the years there have been some memorable superstars who have delivered this move with such ferocity that it became their finisher. The first and most memorable to me was the great Stan Hansen who practically decapitated his opponents.

Nowadays, the best lariat finisher belongs to former WWE Superstar and now commentator JBL.


Used by: Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake, Dolph Ziggler

When I was compiling this list, I thought of all the great performers who used the sleeper and no one came to mind sooner than Brutus Beefcake who used the sleeper as a setup to many haircuts throughout his career.

8.Giant Swing

Used by: Antonio Cesaro (WWE)/Claudio Castagnoli(ROH)

The giant swing a/k/a the Cesaro Swing has been around for quite some time and is not a new move. I remember seeing it as a finisher when I was a kid during a broadcast of G.L.O.W (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling). It is now used by Cesaro as an occasional finisher or as setup for his Gotch Neutralizer finisher.

The swing on the Great Khali remains the most impressive display second only to the UFO/ Swing combo seen in the above video.

7.Swinging Neckbreaker

Used by: Honky Tonk Man

The standard swinging neckbreaker has been used as a regular move for years but no one used it as a finisher as effectively as the one and only Honky Tonk Man.

6.Leg Drop

Used by: Hulk Hogan

No explanation for this one since countless superstars have met their demise courtesy of this move.


Used by: Spike Dudley (WWE/ECW), Maria Kanellis

The bulldog most times has been used to setup finishers such as the Worm or the Lionsault, but Spike Dudley's Acid Drop was the best use of the bulldog as a finisher.


Used by: Mr. Perfect (PerfectPlex/HennigPlex), Tully Blanchard (Slingshot Suplex), Magnum TA (Belly to Belly Suplex), Robert Roode 

The suplex has long been a transition move and executed a variety of ways, but many past superstars found variations that yielded them countless victories; my favorite being the PerfectPlex utilized by the late Mr. Perfect, whose son currently uses it a transition move.

3.Gorilla Press Slam

Used by: Ultimate Warrior (WWF), Chyna (WWF)

An oldie used often as a show of strength was most often used by the Ultimate Warrior to set up the splash. Chyna occasionally used it as a finisher.

2.Flying Cross Body

Used by: Ricky Steamboat

Most often I remember the Ricky Steamboat getting a few victories with this move.I have always felt this move was never a finisher but in the old days it seemed to work.

1.Double Axe Handle

Used by: Ivan Putski

The Polish Hammer made this move look devastating. We mostly see the double axe handle off the top rope as a standard move.


Did we miss any moves? Feel free to share your picks in the comments section.