Tag Team wrestling for the last couple of years has seen its ups and downs, not only in the WWE but also in TNA and even ROH. The last couple of weeks though have not only shown a slight resurgence in tag team wrestling on WWE programming, but also in TNA as well. The one element I feel that's lacking in tag team wrestling are tag team finishers as most guys just hit their individual finisher and end a match – which got me thinking about some of my favorite tag team finishers. So, here are my Top 10 Tag Team finishers.

10. Total Elimination

Tag Team: The Eliminators (ECW)

When I first started watching ECW and I saw Total Elimination I knew that I was watching something special. Joey Styles made matches with Total Elimination seem like someone just died and a lot of times when their move hit you would think just that.

9. Death Sentence

Tag Team: America's Most Wanted (TNA)

Before James Storm was tearing it up with Beer Money or with Gunnar on TNA Impact, he was a part of one TNA's most popular tag teams during the early days of the promotion. That team was America's Most Wanted, who during the their run had some amazing matches with Triple X (Christopher Daniels, Low-Ki and Elix Skipper) and with The New Church.

8. KRS-One

Tag Team: Kings of Wrestling (ROH)

While I would love to see Chris Hero (WWE's Kassius Ohno)  and Claudio Castagnoli (WWE's Antonio Cesaro) together on WWE television, we'll just have to remember how awesome they were in ROH.

7. Hart Attack 2.0

Tag Team: Jack Evans & Teddy Hart (AAA, JAPW)

Teddy Hart and Jack Evans did amazing work as the Hart Foundation 2.0 and it truly is a shame that someone as talented as Teddy Hart is too much of a wild card for the WWE. If Teddy and Jack Evans would have been brought in with Harry Smith, Natalya and Tyson Kidd I think the Hart faction would have made some serious waves and with a finisher like Hart Attack 2.0, the fans would have definitely been behind them.

6. Package Piledriver/ Brainbuster DDT Combo

Tag Team: Kevin Steen and El Generico (ROH)

While Steen and El Generico had one of the greatest rivalries one cannot forget how great they were as a tag team and this package piledriver/brainbuster combo looked brutal every time someone got hit with it.

5. More Bang for Your Buck

Tag Team: Young Bucks/Generation Me (TNA,ROH)

The Young Bucks have been a staple on the independent scene for years and when they arrived in TNA they really showcased some great tag team offense during their limited run. When they hit More Bang for Your Buck in TNA the crowd went bananas. Sadly, their tenure in TNA was short lived. They continue to deliver great matches on the indies and in ROH as well.

4. Cop Killer/ Ghetto Stomp ( Warriors Way)

Tag Team:  Rottweilers (Homicide and Low-Ki)

The Cop Killer/Vertebreaker  ranks  in my Top 5 of most cringe-worthy finishers and when coupled with the equally cringe-worthy double stomp from Low-Ki,  you know their opponents are not kicking out and will be hurting the next day.

3. Dangerous Backdrop

Tag Team: Holy Demon Army

Puro needed to be showcased on this list and I knew the Dangerous Backdrop was the move to use.  The Holy Demon Army was comprised of Toshiaki Kawada and Akira Taue.  They are regarded as the most dominant tag team in All Japan Pro Wrestling's history.  The Dangerous Backdrop goes in the Top 3 because it was a very stiff move and the probability of having to eat your meals through a straw for the rest of your life was quite high.

2. 3D

Tag Team: Team 3D/The Dudley Boyz (ECW, WWE, TNA)

No one was safe from the 3D when the Dudley Boyz were tearing it up in ECW, WWE and TNA.  It could come from anywhere and without warning and that was something that it made it one of my favorite finishers.

1. Doomsday Device

Tag Team: Legion of Doom/ Road Warriors (WCW, WWF)

Simple and devastating sums up the Doomsday Device. There have been numerous tag teams that have used variations of it, including the Briscoes springboard variation and The Steiner Bros. bulldog variation but no one did it better than Hawk and Animal. What a rush!


What are your favorite finishers? Share them in comments section.


Honorable Mentions

The Shaker Heights Spike

Tag Team: The Beverly Brothers

Stop the match – he's dead! Insanely violent finisher from the WWF era.


Spanish Fly

Tag Team: S.A.T

The S.A.T a/k/a The Maximos delivered this finisher in spectacular fashion. This finisher brings back memories of Paul Burchill who used the solo version of this move.


DWI ( Drinking While Investing)

Tag Team: Beer Money

After a successful run with Chris Harris, the thrown together tag team of Lance Storm and Bobby Roode started to gain momentum and went on to become Beer Money. Storm once again found success and tag team gold plus another memorable tag team finisher was born.