Two weeks ago, Andrea and I had the pleasure of visiting the House Of Glory Wrestling Academy for the Pro Slam World Unleashed show. We had been meaning to visit for a long time, so it was a perfect opportunity to see the school and get a glimpse at some of the talent. We made our way inside and it was already a packed house left with only standing room, but we were fortunate enough to get a great location right by the wrestlers' entrance area. The opening match was between Panda Man and Kid Glory and it was a great opener. Both Panda Man & Kid Glory are students at the academy and if the competitiveness in their match was any indication, this has the makings of a feud to watch.

Kid Glory delivered some really impressive moves and secured the victory due to some outside interference. Panda Man was over with the kids and delivered an awesome crucifix to power bomb spot that was insane.

The House Of Glory Battle Royal was next and it had a ton of great spots that showcased many of the students' strengths. Standouts in the Battle Royal were Kev Kush, Rob Fury, and for their second match of the night Kid Glory and Panda Man. I apologize to the participants that got left off, only because I couldn’t get everyone's names.  After a hard fought match, Kev Kush was your winner of the Battle Royal.

Another great match involved Pinkie Sanchez squaring off against Mel Sanchez. I have seen Pinkie’s work from various local shows and have become a fan of his work. He has the right mix of comedy and athleticism that fans can appreciate. I would equate him to Santino but with a more diverse skill set and less comedic overkill. Mel Sanchez also has to get acknowledgement for great story-telling and for adding some great verbal touches to the match. Mel’s shit talking towards the crowd and towards Pinkie was top notch. Mel definitely knew how to get the crowd involved.

Pinkie Sanchez secured the victory in that match.

The beef between Amazing Red and Larenz Dean was also settled after many heated exchanges on the web and even on our own show.  The match was 2 out of 3 falls, and right off the bat the odds were stacked against our man Red. As soon as the bell rang, Red was attacked by the heels and had his knee worked over pretty well. What Larenz Dean failed to realize was that the bell rang and as a result, the attack on Red resulted in a DQ. The 2nd fall was contested with submission rules and I must say I was impressed with Larenz Dean’s performance.

Larenz Dean ended up winning the second fall with a half crab submission on Red’s injured knee.  At this point, Dean and Red were tied at one fall a piece. Red switched into high gear with his trademark high flying offense that Larenz Dean just couldn’t defend.

Red secured the victory with an Eddie Guerrero-style frog splash. I must commend Larenz Dean for having a solid performance and stepping in the ring to back-up all the trash talking that lead up to the match. Dean excelled at making the crowd hate him. Even during his brief appearance on MTR, he brought out that negative sentiment from the listeners, which as a heel means he was doing the right thing.  Post-match, Red was once again attacked but that attack was short lived as the Maximos came out and made the save which lead right into the start of our next match. I have seen the Maximos wrestle numerous times and they are always exciting to watch. This match was no different as we got to see some great tag team wrestling.

The Maximos secured the win with a flawless bridging german suplex pin and sent the crowd home happy. After the event ended, I met some of the talent including Amazing Red, Larenz Dean and Rob Fury and congratulated them on their great performances.


As a fan, I enjoyed the matches greatly and gained a newfound appreciation for the sacrifices these guys make for our enjoyment. The bumps and injuries are real folks. We should appreciate all that wrestlers endure to make this sport what it is. While I bitch on air about the current offerings available from WWE and TNA I still respect the sacrifices being made.

MTR would like to thank Amazing Red and his lovely wife for not only inviting us but making us feel welcome. I also would like to thank the performers that took the time out to speak to us. I am sure I left out some matches and some performers and for that I apologize since I did not get all their names durign the hustle and bustle of the event. I hope to attend more shows so I can familiarize myself with all the other performers involved.

If you are a NYC resident and would like to be a professional wrestler, stop by House Of Glory and get taught by some talented performers.

House Of Glory is located at 1630 Weirfield Street in Ridgewood, NY

You can also get more info by calling 347-557-5266 or by visiting

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