While our readers and listeners love their video games, we know that our audience appreciates some good wrestling and some great MMA on occasion. I wanted to share our recommendations for Holiday gifts the MMA and/or wrestling fan in your life – or maybe you enjoy both and want to treat yourself. Either way we have got you covered with some great recommendations.

MMA/Combat Sports


MMA fans have a ton of outlets to get apparel and we have some great merch from our friends at East Coast MMA we'd like to recommend to you for the fight fan in your life.

Roots of Fight Ali Rumble Anniversary Tee

Price: $37.50

The Roots of Fight line is one of my favorites this holiday season and East Coast MMA has a ton of their gear available online and at their stores. If you are a fan of Muhammad Ali then you'll want to grab this tee.



Roots of Fight Tyson Boxing 1984 Tee

Price: $37.50

Roots of Fight has some great Mike Tyson gear in their catalog, but sometimes simple designs get the job done and this t-shirt is no exception.



Jiu-Jitsu Comics Batman vs. Bane Tee 

Price: $25.00

The team at Shop Round Five have been delivering amazing pop culture inspired martial arts gear for some time. If you are gamer, comic fan and love martial arts I definitely recommend checking out the great gear these guys have to offer.



Tong Po Tee

Price: $25.00

The Kickboxer remake is now in development with Dave Bautista playing the iconic Tong Po. If you are a fan of the Van Damme classic then this shirt is a must buy.



East MMA O.G Snapback

Price: $29.95

The ECMMA designers brought us a blast from the past with this Mike Tyson Punchout inspired snapback.



Training Gear


Hayabusa Ikusa Series 16oz Gloves

Price: $89.95

If you need a solid pair of gloves for sparring and heavy bag work, then the team at Hayabusa definitely should be on your radar. These 16oz. gloves include double wrist protection to make sure your wrists are protected during those heavy sparring sessions.




Training Mask- High Altitude Trainer

Price: $79.99

High altitude training has become a staple for athletes and if you can't make it to a high elevation training facility, then this training mask is the next best thing.How beneficial are we talking?

  • It conditions the lungs by creating pulmonary resistance
  • Strengthens the diaphragm
  • Increases surface area and elasticity in alveoli
  • Increases lung capacity
  • Increase anaerobic thresholds
  • Decrease workout time
  • Includes three nose pieces for three levels of intensity: 1x, 3x, 6x and 9x restricted breathing

Comic and movie fans will appreciate the various custom skins available including one for Bane which is quite cool looking and is next on our list.



Training Mask-Bane Sleeve

Price: $24.95

Add more intensity to your Training Mask as you prepare to break The Batman.