Name: Curtis Axel (formerly known as Michael McGillicutty)
Current Promotion: WWE
Current History: After stints with the Nexus and New Nexus, Axel debuted as a Heyman Guy. He currently tags with Ryback and their unofficial team name is Rybaxel


Re-BOOKED Promotion: WWE
Re-BOOKED Gimmick: “Chameleon”

Curtis Axel is a solid wrestler that can work well in several styles. He can do the power moves as well as the high flying stuff. He’s not the greatest on the mic, but with a strong gimmick I believe he can be pushed to main event status. The best way to accomplish this is with the chameleon gimmick. This gimmick has a wrestler using other wrestler’s move sets to win matches. Here is how it works:

Axel starts losing. He loses every match, even to lesser competition. This can go on for several weeks. It’s best if he loses so much that he starts talking about calling it quits. Just before he quits the business he gets a text, or some form of communication telling him to have one more match and that this mystery person will show him how to win. Axel gets his match and in the middle of it, the jumbotron goes crazy and displays something like a logo or text asking Axel to become another wrestler. For example, if a skull comes up on the tron, then Axel will use Stone Cold’s move set in the match. A Brahma bull and he will fight like The Rock. It might take Axel a few matches to figure out what to do but once he does he starts winning.

The fans love this because it is a change of pace and they will get to see other wrestler’s set ups and finishing moves. They will also be looking at the tron to see what happens next. Axel could use moves from current and former Superstars. Axel is now wrestling as a different wrestler every match, maybe even more than one per match. It is also intriguing to guess who his manager is.

His popularity from this gimmick will move him up the ranks. He could easily be popular enough to capture the US or Intercontinental titles and then move to the upper card. It will be compelling to see him fight the top wrestlers because he can become anyone, even the wrestler he is facing.

This gimmick has so many benefits because it can play out over a long period of time and still be interesting to the fans. It also presents matchups that we will never see any other way. Axel can be anyone. That includes Sting, The Rock, Macho Man, Ric Flair and any other past or present wrestler.

Rich has mentioned the idea of giving amnesia to Darren Young and turning him into ChocoCena. Wouldn’t it be great to see Darren Young thinking and wrestling like John Cena against John Cena? You’d get this and more with Axel in the chameleon gimmick. Axel could wrestle Cena as the Rock, as Stone Cold, even Hulk Hogan. They’d never do it but I would love to see Axel deliver the Diamond Cutter to Randy Orton.

With the chameleon gimmick, I believe Axel can have the same popularity as Daniel Bryan. He is a hard worker, technically sound in the ring and the gimmick will carry him all the way to the top!