How many times have you looked at a wrestler’s gimmick or the debut of a new Superstar and said to yourself, “Damn I wish he would have had a better feud” or “This guy’s gimmick sucks”? Well, we at MTR sure have, and because of it,  we now bring you Re-Booked! Re-Booked is where your favorites are rewritten, re-deemed and most importantly re-booked with our own twist. While we will use wrestlers that aren’t household names in promotions like WWE, TNA or even ROH,  we will also be re-booking some existing stars as well. Also, readers are invited to share stars they would like to see re-booked!

Jushin “Thunder” Liger
Current Promotion: Various
Current History: Jushin “Thunder” Liger is a household name in Puro, but he has also had some solid success here in the US appearing in promotions such as TNA, JAPW and ROH. Liger’s matches have always been a blend of amazing lucha libre with subtle touches of stiff puro style.


Re-BOOKED Promotion: WWE
Re-BOOKED Gimmick: “Lucha Legend” Liger
Re-BOOKED Debut: A series of vignettes air on RAW and SmackDown stating that the masked performers of the WWE are weak and lack respect from their peers. The videos end using the tag “With Thunder brings Redemption” as they close. Following those vignettes, a new set will show a low point for a masked Superstar such as Rey Mysterio or Sin Cara either via a mauling by a larger Superstar or via an injury. “My masked brethren will be redeemed by Thunder” closes out those vignettes.
Re-BOOKED Feud: Rey and Sin Cara are booked in a match against the Big Show and Mark Henry and after a one-sided beating the arena darkens and you hear the loud boom of thunder coinciding with pyro and the debut of the “Lucha Legend” Liger who proceeds to come down and deliver a liger bomb to both Rey and Sin Cara while announcing that WWE will feel the fury of true lucha courtesy of Liger. Liger would go on to taunt Rey and Sin Cara telling them that they are archaic and soft and that they will either join his battle or fall victim to the Liger Bomb. After the defeat of Sin Cara via a Super Liger Bomb through the announce table, Liger and Rey meet in a Mask vs. Career Match where Rey will lose to Liger due to interference from Sin Cara. Rey will leave to tend to his wounds and Sin Cara embraces Liger’s teachings and joins the stable called” The Brotherhood of the Masks” with Liger and a debuting El Generico.