Name: Randy Orton
Current Promotion: WWE
Current History: Current WWE World Heavyweight Champion who is current scheduled to defend his belt at the Elimination Chamber PPV on 2/23/2014. If he has a successful title defense he will go on to face Batista at WrestleMania XXX


Re-BOOKED Promotion: WWE
Re-BOOKED Gimmick: “Ruthless” Randy Orton

Randy Orton hears voices in his head, but none of them tell him how to be an interesting champion. Back in August, he turned heel after beating Daniel Bryan and entered into a great feud which saw him come out on top. Now, after becoming the Authority's  “guy”, losing most non-title fights (and looking extraordinarily weak in the process) Randy Orton has become a boring champion. I describe Orton as a lame duck. Sure he has the belt, but we all know he’s going to lose it eventually after doing nothing with the title reign. We don’t know when but we can all see it coming. With that said, what can Orton do to become an actually interesting champion?

Well let’s look at the main problem here: Randy Orton looks like a bitch. There’s nothing I hate more than a heel champion who is a punk. There’s a difference between using heel tactics and crying about it. Orton has cried more than the Big Show, and considering this is the same guy who use to be the “legend killer”, it makes me sick that the WWE is making him like this. This is the same guy who has beaten Cena clean in the past. Now he’s losing and losing bad and causing the audience to revolt out of boredom. Orton has become the champ no one wants to see fight, but EVERYONE wants to see lose the belt. This is obviously not a good thing. Paul Heyman said it best: “ The WWE has become too convoluted. They’ve taken good guys and bad guys and complicated them. It’s simple, take two men, and convince the audience why one of them needs to beat the other.”

The problem is no one cares who beats Orton, they are just bored of the guy. That needs to be changed. Orton needs to be ruthless. No, not ruthless like beating up Cena’s old man,  I’m talking bring back the punk. It’s no secret that Randy Orton isn’t the real face of the WWE, so turn Randy Orton into this evil vicious heel who destroys his opponents.  Orton will fight, and right before he loses a match he low blows his opponent. After his DQ he goes berserk, he starts destroying the announce table, throws the ring bell in the ring and even takes down the camera guy. Then the screen goes black, and all we hear is the announce team commentating how he’s beating his opponent with the ring bell.

Afterwards all you hear is the sound of Orton’s head kick. Then, when the Authority is furious about his actions as “the face of the WWE” he can simply plead the fifth as there is no actual evidence of what he did. He could do similar heel tactics becoming more ruthless with every passing week. Finally the Authority would  become aware of what Orton is doing but use it to their advantage. Orton could jump Daniel Bryan in his house and completely obliterate him. The Authority would be happy, Randy Orton would be hated, for the right reasons among the WWE Universe, and Daniel Bryan would eventually get the victory he deserves for the WWE Championship. Randy Orton needs to become the roster killer, not the lame duck he is now.


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