Name: Sheamus
Current Promotion: WWE
Current History: After returning from injury, Sheamus has been chasing championship gold. Notable for defeating Daniel Bryan with one move in under a minute at WrestleMania 28 for the World Heavyweight Championship.


Re-BOOKED Promotion: WWE or TNA
Re-Booked Gimmick: The Red Warrior or The Bastard

After a request for a Re-Booked, I decided to take a look at Sheamus and thank goodness I did because I was hit with inspiration. Sheamus is a tremendous wrestler and has had some pretty exciting matches. He falls into the category of Alberto Del Rio. While they are tremendous in the squared circle, the same can't be said for their microphone abilities. However, I have a way to change this with two different gimmicks that could work for Sheamus.

First off, Sheamus fights like a warrior and has the build to prove his worth. He also goes a little psycho at times. The WWE needs to embrace the warrior side of Sheamus. I’m talking coming down the ramp screaming, Brogue Kicks for days and axe handle punches everywhere. Sheamus could even benefit from some high-flying abilities. If you think I’m taking inspiration from The Ultimate Warrior you would be correct! Sheamus is white enough that painting him like The Ultimate Warrior will make him stick out like a sore thumb, but make him look awesome. Sheamus could say he paints himself with the blood of his enemies as he clobbers them into oblivion. Have him become a psycho, not like Ryback, but more like Goldust. Sheamus would finally become….INTERESTING!

However, if Sheamus were to be in TNA, a great gimmick would be The Bastard. This drunken Irish heel will pull inspiration from every stereotype in the book. He could show up to his matches late, have mood swings, beat a Knockout, and of course, love to fight. He could even stumble to the ring while he verbally insults the fans*. This would also allow for Sheamus’ comedic side to shine. While this gimmick could work in the WWE (albeit toned down), TNA would be the place for the gimmick to truly shine.

*Quark is aware TNA doesn’t actually have fans.

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