On Sunday evening I shared a story with our readers concerning an incident with WWE Champion CM Punk and a colleague of mine. That story was published with a word-for-word account of my coworker's story as well as some commentary from me. One of our readers shared the post on Reddit, and before continuing, I would like to tell Bryan a/k/a Kipz that I am grateful for that. When I awoke to start my day, I saw the tremendous amount of commentary both good and mostly bad on the site. I then proceeded to Reddit and later to 420Chan to see what their audience had to say. As someone who is still mastering Reddit I was blown away by the commentary of their readers because it was filled with raw emotion and a passion for pro-wrestling which I honestly haven’t seen since the old 411 forum days. Some readers felt my colleague overreacted, while others felt he should have kicked the ass of the person who took the shirt from his child which we all know could have ended terribly. Of course, most were far more “colorful” which, given the nature of the web, was something I knew was coming. After a lengthy discussion, we agreed that the anger about the situation was more about the fan taking the shirt from a nine-year old boy and CM Punk being a catalyst for that to happen. My added commentary was based on an adult being too overzealous at the expense of a kid. My colleague was just a guinea pig for Punks heel development which was proved this past Monday when he interacted with some kids and how he worked the crowd.

As for the girl that got the shirt, she was not a Make-A-Wish kid or even sitting close by – just to clear that up. She was just a teenage girl that loved CM Punk and we know Punk loves crazy chicks. At the end of the day, everyone got a memory from the experience at the event as a whole and a young lady had her day made. Frankly, I’ll take the memories over the shirt because they will last longer.

I have been a fan of Punk since the ROH days and even cheered him on during his TNA run with Raven. Punk is the future of the business and honestly if Cena is the Superman of the WWE, I’d want no one other than CM Punk to be his Lex Luthor.  Carry on Punk!


*On an unrelated note, in the past we have had material from our site borrowed without credit. This has happened on way too many occasions, hence the inability to copy and paste. We didn’t realize so many people would get mad at that, but that’s why we do it and will continue to do so.

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