Writer Note: I am trying to change up my reviews for shows because being too descriptive can hurt the presentation and promotion. Also, I would like to give a sense to the readers of their actually being a part of the promotions by attending the shows, following them on social media, and supporting by buying downloadable content, as well as other merchandise. My reviews will be broken down into different categories with a brief explanation and grading at the bottom.

Was Mankind Saved at House of Glory?

So, House of Glory has once again shown they are trying to put together a promotion that can not only compete with the local indy circuit, but also possibly with upper tier promotions as well. On this night, the name on the card was For All Mankind, which was a tip of the hat to the and only WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley. But did this legend help to push the promotion a little bit closer to certified success or was he the only saving grace of the night? Let's find out.

For the last event I attended here, I would have given a lower grade due to certain actions that were occurring within the venue. Let’s just say there was a certain aroma that was lingering in the arena that was not suitable for children. Although this was no fault of the promoters, it was a bit offsetting. But, this time around that was quickly fixed. The venue is amazing and holds a large number of fans. With a bar and food service area, Club Amazura is a perfect spot for House of Glory to gain a growing fan base. The only annoying thing about the place were the bathroom attendants. Dude, if you saw me pee three times, and I tipped you each time, don’t expect me to tip anymore for the rest of the night.


With a larger venue comes access to more amenities. House of Glory Wrestling was able to use what was available within the building to showcase a better product. Usage of video, projection screens, audio equipment, and even a stage to throw your Champion into a table were better used on this night. The few things which troubled the production were the video montages of wrestlers as well as their promos, which ran a bit too long. These days, wrestling fans have a short attention span and anything that lasts more than three minutes will turn a fan to another subject quickly (for example – the bar). The audio was okay and the placement of merchandise and autograph signings was decent as well.


I only gave the booking this rating I did because I have been to House of Glory shows where the booking seemed to flow easier and make better sense as opposed to how things connected this event. Not to say it was terrible, but on this night the match-ups seemed to be somewhat offsetting. The tag team matches didn’t seem to work. Once again, the tag team matches seemed more comical than competitive. Some bookings were clever such as HOG Champion Brian XL and ECW Original Tommy Dreamer as well as Chris Dickerson versus JT Dunn, which had an extraordinary finish. But I must say the Match of the Night went to Alex Mason and Ken Broadway and the Heatseeker of the Night was Good Hank Flanders who got a “W” over Nicky Heat (no pun intended).


Overall, For All Mankind gave a feeling to the fans and even the promotion that they are a company to look out for in 2015. I have seen and been in the audience for other promotions who were able to gain big name talent as well as put together a product which has a look and feel of excitement and stability. House of Glory Wrestling has that feel as well as tight knit community that is growing with each show. Although this show may not have been the “shows of all shows” for 2015, I feel this was the precursor for what is coming down the road for HOG. Fun and entertaining, this was just the smooth transition for the next up and coming shows for the year.

Event Photos by Evan Arnow