About a year ago, I purchased a replica WWE United States Championship belt and I must say I was excited to receive it and wear one. Although I understand I didn’t earn it by defeating John Cena or Dusty Rhodes, but I did feel somewhat powerful having the title around my waist or draped over my shoulder. I wore my title out in public for the first time at WrestleMania 29 and although you feel kind of like a douchebag, I did get tons of questions and requests to hold the belt. I could only imagine how professional wrestlers feel when they carry their own official titles around that they worked hard for. Titles these days are not as common as years ago and have faded away into obscurity. Long gone are straps such as the Six Man Tag, European and Hardcore titles. These days, rosters are growing but the amount of championships are minimizing and, at times, being combined. Plus, more wrestlers are fighting for the “ultimate prize”. My feeling is there are some titles which should make a comeback. Championships such as the Television, Junior and Light Heavyweight can make a return and be brought in to once again be praised, not to mention give purpose to those on the roster who are looking to obtain gold (without having the ability to reach the grand prize). Bringing back some titles also shows the importance they held and the possibility of excelling to the next level in competition. Just as I was able to obtain a championship belt by purchasing one as Ted DiBiase once did, the object for a wrestler is to earn the prize with hard work and talent regardless of what division or class they fall into. So, with that being said, I bring to you…

Best and Worst of the Championship Belts

Best Championship Belt: WCW World Heavyweight Title (The Big Gold Belt)

It’s big, it’s gold, and it’s a championship belt! In 1991, the WCW World Heavyweight Championship was introduced and the look of it made a grand impression to both wrestlers and the fans. The look of the strap gave everyone the sense of what a champion would look like. To a wrestler, this belt could easily be compared to what a crown and a robe would be to a king or queen. From its first owner Ric Flair to its final wearer Chris Jericho, the belt represented what a true champion should look like – the look of a person who represented a company. (Well, maybe not always, in the case of David Arquette and Vince Russo the belt was misused and a disappointment but luckily was vacated and dropped quickly.) This belt returned once WWE acquired WCW and the company’s prefix was dropped. The World Heavyweight title was a shining symbol of accomplishment and I hope it truly returns as a standalone trophy of victory.


Worst Championship Belt: WWE Divas Championship

If there ever has been a belt made that is a symbol of disrespect and lack of flair for the sport that would be the WWE Divas Championship. Right off the bat, this belt is the worst looking title ever to be manufactured. The belt looks like it is should be held as an accessory by a little girl’s fashion doll than a woman wrestler. WWE discontinued the Women’s Title and brought in the Divas belt to signify their women are sexy and demanding as well as athletic wrestlers. With its big butterfly plate and silver glittery metals, the belt looks like something a pop singer would wear on tour. I honestly feel this belt is sexist and the Women’s Championship belt should return. I once asked my daughter, who is a wrestling fan, what belt she would like me to buy her she immediately wanted the WWE Championship. When I asked her if she wanted the Divas belt she gave me a look as if I was serving her ice cream with a long dog turd on top of it. The Divas Championship must go!