So, a couple of weeks ago I wrote about the roles of being a heel and face. I received some feedback from our followers on Facebook and Twitter and the majority noted that they would prefer to be a heel if given the opportunity. These days, heels are considered cool and fan favorites as opposed to what the babyfaces are supposed to be. The first Superstar I remember as being a heel but yet the fans actually liked was Jesse “The Body” Ventura. He was charismatic, flashy, witty, and was able to communicate as if he was one of the fans. In those days, promoters would have the talent separated and the heels were hated so much that fans would start riots to get at the heels of that said promotion. Big heels of that time such as Harley Race, Roddy Piper and Ric Flair would get a crowd in a frenzy in the hope a face would come out and save them from the trash talk and town bashing. It wasn’t until a beer guzzling brawler from Texas was supposed to shake up the promotion when in fact his “Trust No One” attitude actually had the backing of the crowds. Soon after, heels such as D-Generation X and NWO made being bad a good thing. These days, heels are accepted, heels are a part of us, and heels say and do what we would want to do sometimes. So, with that being said, I bring to you…


Face/Heel of The Week

Face of the Week:  Chris Sabin (TNA X-Division Champion)

After being out with an injury for almost a year, an injury that in fact would have ended many an athlete, Chris Sabin came back and won the X-Division Championship in one the most grueling matches in the promotion's history. A former member of one of the most exciting tag teams of all time, The Motor City Machine Guns, Sabin was able to come back and look like the performer of old with his victory in the Ultimate X match at Slammiversary. Sabin has been through hell and high water throughout his career, and this year seems to be the one in which he will break out as a main event contender. Having won the X-Division title gives Sabin the opportunity to either keep the strap or drop it for a shot at the TNA Heavyweight title. I am definitely looking forward in seeing Chris Sabin take it to the next level and bring the big title back to Detroit.

Heel of the Week:  Bully Ray (TNA World Heavyweight Championship)

Well my friends, if you have not recognized the momentum in which Bully Ray is riding, then you are either not watching TNA or you are not giving the devil his due. This past Slammiversary Bully Ray, leader of the Aces & Eights, was the only member to pull off a victory out of all his riding members. Bully Ray was in a war with the icon himself Sting and this was one which will go down as possibly the last attempt at a championship run for Sting. Bully Ray pulled out all the attacks and tricks he had in his arsenal, even dismantling the ring to expose its inner workings to piledrive the man to his last resting place. But although Sting kicked out, it seemed Bully still had one more trick up his sleeve to pull out the win. Bully Ray is one of these men who should get more credit than he is getting now and with him holding the strap, the company is better than ever.

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