So, as we are set in the middle of summer it reminds me of the heat that beats down on my face from the sun. You see what I did there? Heat, face, beat, wrestling terms get it? Anyway, when I think of heat I think of a heel wrestler (or bad guy as some of you may know) and the heat is drawn from those wrestlers who get tons of boos, fans spewing hate-filled verbiage, and possibly garbage hurled his or her way. Now for me, I am not a fan of “cheap heat” which is heat a wrestler receives while doing or saying a number of easy and simple actions. For example, when a performer is in a foreign gimmick and bashes the United States which has been done since the dawn of wrestling. Wrestlers such as Baron Von Raschke, Iron Sheik, Ivan and Nikita Koloff, and these days Lana and Rusev can draw cheap heat by speaking negatively about our country and its President. I am more impressed by wrestlers who are wittier and use his or her persona to draw anger and tension from the crowd and use that momentum to put the face wrestler over. Ric Flair at one point was the best in the business and used his wealth and strong personality to have garbage hurled his direction as well as he and his crew being chased out of towns and cities. Sometime the heat would be so bad it would transition into the wrestler’s personal life such as when Sgt. Slaughter became an Iraqi sympathizer and bomb threats were sent to his house. There are some who can create microwave oven heat and then there are those who can create nuclear explosion heat. So, with that being said, I bring to you…

All Time Biggest Heat Seekers


Paul Heyman

Whether he is Paul E. Dangerously, the New York City Yuppie with the big mouth and brash bravado or Paul Heyman, the New York City former promoter with big mouth and brash bravado, the man seems to always have been a heel. The heat this man generates is done with his quick wit, large vocabulary, his ability to breakdown a situation with truth and venom, and promotion of his talented wrestlers as if they are the best creations since fire. Having managed wrestlers such as Austin Idol, “Mean” Mark Callous, Tazz, CM Punk and Brock Lesnar, Heyman is the type of man who will tell you his wrestler can walk on water and to prove he is right will have his wrestler walk on a puddle and make you believe it was a miracle. Heyman is a true heel and makes no bones about bashing those around him and making it be known that he and his talent are better than you. I must say it’s hard to argue with a man who has the successful track record and a pedigree of wrestlers who were and still are “Heyman Guys”.


Mr. McMahon

Believe me, there is a difference between Vince and Mr. McMahon. Vince is the off-screen business man who enjoys bringing the sport of wrestling to everyone’s household, whereas Mr. McMahon wants all those in front of him to grovel at his feet and kiss the ground he walks on as well as his ass. Mr. McMahon started with his first altercation with Bret Hart and the Montreal Screwjob and steamrolled to the momentous feud with Stone Cold Steve Austin. Mr. McMahon came into the ring with his obnoxious strut and ensured the masses that this was his ring and what he said was law. From his clashes with DX to battles with his own family, Mr. McMahon showed the wrestling world that he can receive as well as he gave, and at the end of the day he was able to stand victorious over the bodies and his large amount of wealth.