So, this past week I began my journey to stay true to my New Year’s resolutions. No, I haven’t called THQ to talk to them about their WWE games, but it seems there isn’t going to be a need for that anyway since THQ has folded and the WWE game franchise will now be developed by Take Two, the creators of NBA 2K13. (I wish you can see the look of excitement on my face.) I also purchased tickets for WWE Axxess during Wrestlemania weekend. And finally, the Ear to the Mat Family saw their first indy show of the year at the House of Glory. The school and promotion, run by former TNA 3-time X-Division Champion Amazing Red and up and coming indy wrestler Brian XL, kicked off the year with a strong and entertaining event. I will have a full fan’s point of view of the event in a couple of weeks. Just to let everyone know, I am keeping to my words and have not jumped off my pro wrestling participation plan just as some of you may have already quit your diets. More power to you! With that, I bring to you…

Face and Heel of the Week

Face of the Week-Amazing Red (Indy Superstar)

This week I steer away from the major promotions and speak on a wrestler who can be considered a “face” in and out of the ring. The Amazing Red, or Red for short, has been in the wrestling game 15 years. Did you hear what I said? 15 YEARS!!!! And the man is barely 30 years old. Red has wrestled in Puerto Rico and Japan, held the ROH Tag Team titles with “The Phenomenal One” AJ Styles, TNA X-Division, and numerous independent championships. For most wrestlers who have had these accomplishments, either their heads would be too big to go through the walkway at the Gorilla Position, or their careers would be over. But not Red. Not only does he still main event indy shows across the country and receive calls from major promotions for tryouts and spot matches, he has created a wrestling school in his home city of New York to train a new crop of talent. This Brooklyn standout is one of the most humble wrestlers, let alone people, any fan would ever wish to meet. House of Glory, his wrestling school and promotion, is growing each day and Red’s commitment to his students and wrestling fans alike is as big as his heart. So, when you see Sin Cara perform an acrobatic move, or Cody Rhodes perform his Disaster Kick, just remember, The Amazing One did it first, and did it better.

Heel of the Week– Devon (TNA)

Formerly one half of one of the greatest tag teams in wrestling history and currently TNA’s Television Champion, and second in command for the troublemaking biker gang known as Aces and Eights, Devon, or D’von wherever he is, was once thought to have rode out into the darkness. After his release from TNA, there was speculation of a return to WWE as a possible trainer or scout. But for this man, who is not only about diving headbutts and putting unlucky opponents through tables, TNA came calling for his return, but at what cost? When the Aces and Eights began its reign of terrorism, it was Devon who showed his face as one of the hierarchy of the club. Regaining his title, which he never officially lost, Devon began to show his true menacing side week after week until finally reaching his climatic peak. With recruiting the now mouthpiece for the biker club, Taz, and the rest of the Brothers in Leather Vests, Devon orchestrated a disastrous wedding crash of his half-brother and former tag team brother Bully Ray to Brooke Hogan. OHHHHHHHH my brother, TESTIFY!!!

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