This past Sunday, The Ear to the Mat Family made a trip to the Barclay Center in Brooklyn, New York to be a part of the first wrestling event ever in the city’s toughest borough. In front of a sold out crowd, WWE’s TLC was a pay-per-view which was a good start to what I hope is to be a long history in this newly created arena. I won’t go into great detail of the night, but although it was a heavy heel crowd and a heel motivated night, WWE put on a show that can only prove to get better through the years. Just a quick note, If you missed the Team Hell No/Ryback vs. The Shield TLC match, find it and find it fast. In my opinion, I had doubts when it was first booked but I was blown away with how great it was. Even the Lil’ Ear to the Mat had a great time although her favorite, Mr. “Do No Wrong” John Cena was not able to capture the Money in the Bank. Which leads me to this week’s…

Face/Heel of the Week

Face of the WeekAJ Styles (TNA)

This past week was not a great one for the “Face World”. With the majority of heels dominating in WWE and in other promotions, no one is showing the ability to go “over” heavy with the crowd. I would like to honor a man who has had a WHOLE YEAR of missteps and drawbacks. AJ Styles can laugh at the week the faces have been having compared to the disappointing year he has had. From his best friend turning his back on him, accusations of having an extramarital affair with the TNA President and the possibility of being a “baby daddy” for a crack head, AJ Styles has had a year which can almost be compared to a Real Housewife of Whatever Potato Head Even Cares About These Stupid Shows. Styles seems to have hit his lowest mark in possibly his almost 15-year history of wrestling. But, AJ Styles has said he was “tired of always doing the right thing” and promised to do “his own thing”. With a possible heel turn, I would like to honor “The Phenomenal One” as a man who regardless of his status in the company, has proven to be a fan favorite and will rise above it all, even though he was framed and recorded in the same bed with a trailer park meth head.


Heel of the WeekDolph Ziggler (WWE)

Well, well, if it isn’t “The Show Off”/ “Mr. Money in the Bank”/ “Mr. I’ll Steal Your Girl” making an appearance in FHoW. Dolph Ziggler has hopefully made the rest of the wrestling fan nation forget that he was a caddy and a former cheerleader. Ziggler is a Face in Heel’s clothing with the amount of fans that support and enjoy the “Heir to Arrogance”. Say what you want, but this guy can make even your ho-hum, run-of-the-mill wrestler look like a MOTHER F’N SUPERSTAR! (See John Cena.) Ziggler was placed in a no-win match to capture Money in the Bank in which HE ALREADY OWNED! After pulling off the win at WWE’s TLC (with help of his new boo AJ Lee), Dolph was able to cut off the mouthpiece he really didn’t need in Vicki Guerrero, almost cashing in the MITB briefcase on The Big Show but falling short due to a run-in by Cena, and is in the early stages of forming a faction with newcomer Big E. Langston and AJ. Ziggler is in alignment to a gold future this upcoming year.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and Happy Holidays from FHoW, MTR, and the Ear to the Mat Family!!!

Mr. Ear to the Mat

Jay Santy

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