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Jay Santy has begun his tenure with MTR with a column showcasing his picks for face and heel of the week. It will not only spotlight WWE superstars but also talent from TNA and the independents as well. I am looking forward to Jay’s picks and his reasons for choosing certain superstars. -Rich

If anyone knows me from my Facebook page, you would know that I am a fan of wrestlers who have a personality of their own, not one which is manufactured in a creative board meeting. Not to say that creative is a bad thing, hell I would love to work with ANY creative department for any promotion, but if a group is going to create a persona for a Face (the good guy) or Heel (the bad guy), at least create it either close to the talent's personality or know that the talent can make it work. Unfortunately, this a rare event to occur such as winning the World Heavyweight Championship in your first match is. So, this section will be dedicated to the weekly performer who has been able to take a possible crappy gimmick and have it go over with the crowd or that person you love to hate just hate even more. I present to you…

Face/Heel of the Week


Face of the Week: The Miz

Okay, I know what some of you may be saying, “Isn’t Miz a bad guy”? Well, as a face, his fan base is growing fast, much to the disgust of “Heel Miz” fans such as myself. Plus, now WWE is having a “As the Heel Turns…but Slowly” moment with Miz. The Miz is right now looking like a “tweener” which means he’s not quite a good guy yet not quite a bad guy. This is also known as the “Stone Cold” position in which Steve Austin made unknowingly famous in the Attitude Era. In either case, I hate the term and hope to one day coin a new phrase. In any case, during CM Punk’s segment on this past RAW, The Miz interrupted and challenged Punk to a lie detector test. During this moment, The Miz was able to call out Paul Heyman’s appearance and promptly gave him the title “The Walrus”. Within second,s the crowd in the arena began a “walrus” chant and the rest is left in memes history. Although I did not find this insult to be one of The Miz’s best, he does have the audience in the palm of his hands and gives a solid answer to those who questioned “What can Face Miz do”?


Heel of the Week: Damien Sandow

Once again, for those who know me from my Facebook page, I am a big CM Punk fan and I could have automatically put him as my first Heel of the Week. But rather than be so cheesy and put my number one favorite, I chose a heel that is not only a really good wrestler, but one whose mic skills are drawing enough heat to light propane ablaze. Damien Sandow not only takes the old gimmick of the intelligent heel to the next level, he actually makes you want to check your own IQ. This past RAW, Sandow asked for a fan to enter the ring (after insulting another fan right beside him brutally) for a trivia contest. After tossing to two softball-lobbed questions, Sandow fired a question to the fan which probably Jeopardy's All-Time Champion Ken Jennings might have had a difficult time answering. After embarrassing the local fan by mocking him for not having an answer, Sandow crushed him with the line “Ignorance is curable, but stupid is forever”. If that line is not in the Top WWE Quotes of 2012, then Damien Sandow would definitely prove we are all morons compared to his genius. You’re welcome…


  1. Nice article and props for not going the CM Punk route. Punk currently could be Heel of the week every week so unless he actually does something (this week he did not), someone else deserves his “respect.” Sandow went the extra mile to earn that title this week. And as much as I like John Cena, he did not do anything to be the face of the week. Miz went out of his way to callout Punk and got da stompinz from Jiggle Billy & Crew for it. The shield helped push Miz over as a face more than than Miz did on his own.

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