So, I have yet to get over the horrible atrocity which occurred this past Sunday at the Royal Rumble. No, I’m not talking about John Cena winning the Rumble, and not the wasted spots being given to wrestlers who were basically useless such as The Great Khali and The Godfather. Hell, even Santino used the spot and made the best of it. I’m talking about The Rock winning the WWE Championship AND doing so with The People’s Elbow. WHAT? The People’s Elbow I say? That’s like Batman being killed by The Toyman’s Slinky. A plain, out of the ordinary, non-explosive Slinky takes out The Great Detective. A SLINKY! That is what The People’s Elbow is to me! And to take out a man who has held the strap for over a year and you have only wrestled in TWO MATCHES in 10 YEARS? Dwayne Johnson, because he really hasn’t been The Rock in years, walked away to act in movies. At least with Stone Cold he walked away due to injuries, but Dwayne Johnson walked away at the peak of his career. And what does WWE do, kiss his feet and hand him the belt just so we can all see him to lose it to Super Cena in the match we were SWORN we would see once in a lifetime. Well WWE, let’s make that twice because Cena has now challenged the WWE Champ at WrestleMania. Let’s just hope this time it would not be a mess like the first one. Dwayne Johnson looked like a Tough Enough contestant in the first match up and John Cena looked like he was four move short of his typical 5 Moves of Death. So with that I bring to you…

Face/Heel of the Week


Face of the Week-The Rock (WWE)

Okay, wait…stop! Before you start thinking that I am a huge hypocrite, let me explain why I would put the man who defeated Mr. Best in the World as the Face of the Week. For starters, The Rock (it just hurts my fingers typing that name) actually looked really good against CM Punk at the Royal Rumble. Putting my professional feelings aside, I can come to grips with what wrestling is about at that level, and that is to keep the fans coming back at any time and keep the money flowing. I can argue CM Punk is such great wrestler he can make anyone look good. But, I can honestly say that The Rock looked prepared to step into the ring and was ready for a run at the belt. The match was topsy-turvy and hit its marks almost perfectly. Also, his segment early on in the PPV was powerful and moving where he explained why it was so important for him to win, especially with his mother in the crowd who had recently defeated cancer. The moment was so motivating that The Rock’s words almost sounded like, dare I say, John Cena. Oh my! The horror! But with that still, the pop The Rock received once that third count hit the mat was, dare I say once again, ELECTRIFYING!!! IF YOU SMEEEELLLLLLLLLLL…okay I won’t go that far.



Heel of the Week-Matt Hardy (ROH)

Honestly, this week is the week in which I REALLY AM gritting my teeth when placing these performers in my article. I really wanted to put TWO other individuals up for HOTW but I recognized they are not quite ready to go up yet. So, this week I put up the Hardy which has been considered a douche both in and outside the ring. Since his departure from TNA, it seems like the “A-Hole of Twitter” has made himself a home in Ring of Honor. And he has made himself a nice fixture in the promotion. I know, I was just as surprised as you were. He also comes off so, how can I say, more douchey (I think I may have created a word) than ever. But he also still works. Regardless of his status and his weight issues (see “Fat” Hardy references) Matt Hardy can still put together a clean match. In Ring of Honor, Hardy had to step up his game with the fast-paced action and intense move sets, especially with his rivalry with the ROH TV Champion Adam Cole. Matt Hardy looks to be in his comfort zone in the Code of Honor ring, and knowing this Hardy, he can continue to be one of the most hated men in the business.

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