When I was a little guy who fell in love with wrestling that first day my uncle introduced me to the world, I loved the “faces”. I wasn’t a Hulkamaniac, but I got excited when he did “the shake” and waved his finger signaling “NO”. Or, when Ultimate Warrior’s music hit and he ran into the ring and shook the rope like he was ready to tear them off the turnbuckles – I was that kid who cheered when the good guys won. But through the years, I grew to admire the crossover to the dark side. I appreciated how difficult it must be to be hated and despised. While everyone loves the masked wrestler who gives his mask to a little boy at ringside, the guy in the kilt who mocks the crowd because of the town they live in gets trash thrown at him. For this reason, it is so fun to be a wrestling fan and write my weekly article…

Face/Heel of the Week

Face of the Week: Bully Ray (TNA)

Okay, so for two weeks in a row I put up a guy who can be considered a “tweener”, but for the past few weeks Bully Ray has become an ever-growing fan favorite. Some months ago, Bully Ray was so hated and “Devon is better” chants were roaring through the Impact Zone. Now, with the invasion of the Ace’s and Eights, his alliance with Sting, and his biggest match solo match EVER against Austin Aries at Final Resolution, Bully Ray has been able to prove that he can work both sides of the kayfabe world effectively. And did I mention he’s JACKED! No seriously, Bully Ray has been hitting the gym hard and looks like an even larger powerhouse than ever. Also, it doesn’t hurt to have The Hulkster’s pride and joy, his daughter Brooke, as a personal fan. By the way, if you missed Impact this past Thursday, then you missed the biggest and loudest chops a person has ever given since Hardcore Holly has ever served to a corner opponent.


Heel of the Week: Antonio Cesaro (WWE)

Sorry Indy fans, I know you may not like it, but I have to call the man by the name he now has, Antonio Cesaro. Once again I am REALLY sorry Indy fans. Cesaro has become possibly the biggest breakout star and growing recognizable heel in 2012. His first appearance in the WWE was an instant heat maker, especially after he swept in and stole Aksana from the beloved Teddy Long. After he dismissed her rather quickly, the reigning United States Champion has shown he can transcend from the independent circuit, the ring which has honor amongst wrestlers which cannot be spoken of, to the big time in WWE. This past week, Cesaro showed and proved he was a true champion against the Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston in which I considered the “Match of the Night”. On Smackdown, Cesaro faced the #1 Contender for the World Heavyweight Championship Sheamus and basically showed that the Big White can be tossed around like lightweight tuna. I predict big things for the man with the best European Uppercut in the game.

On another note, I want to send my condolences to the families who were impacted by the tragedy which occurred in Newtown Conn. on 12/14.12. As a parent, just the thought of this occurrence brings sadness and anger which I hope to never endure . My heart and prayers go out to you all.