The year is a couple of weeks in and I am working on my New Year’s resolutions. My first resolution is to go deeper into the indy scene and see more shows this year. The northeast, especially New York City, is boiling with up and coming talent and independent promotions. My second resolution is to watch more Ring of Honor. ROH is not shown in NYC so I have to hunt it down by hook or by crook, or possibly buy the online membership. And finally, get in contact with the development team of the WWE video game series to help them create the best wrestling game ever by incorporating role playing elements, roster and merchandise weekly updates, and control that is even more reminiscent to the N64 games of the past (See No Mercy and Wrestlemania 2000). My resolutions may all be wrestling orientated, but they are obtainable. With that being said I bring to you…

Face/Heel of the Week

Face of the Week-Jeff Hardy (TNA)

I bet some you thought I was going to mark out and automatically put The Rock in this spot. Well guess what, I am not buying into the hype! Well, not just yet anyway. This week I am giving the honor to a guy I have given up on for quite some time. Many of us in the wrestling scene already know the story and history of the “Charismatic Enigma” (a name I must say I LOATHE), but Jeff Hardy has done something for me that I feel many people may have not noticed. No, not the Picasso-like face paint, no, not walking blindly to the ring while appeasing the crowd, and no, not creating one of the most hideous Championship title belts since the WWE Championship spinner belt. Hardy has taken his move set and kicked it up a notch. You see, everyone can call a Jeff Hardy match with THEIR eyes closed, but for the past few weeks, Hardy has looked like he went back to the drawing board and created a technical move set with innovative maneuvers with look to combine the old with the new. I must say, I am not the biggest fan of Jeff Hardy: TNA Champion, but this past week after watching Impact and watching him work in a tag team match with James Storm vs. Bobby Roode and Austin Aries, I became a fan of him looking sharper, cleaner, and geared up like he did when we first laid eyes on The Weird One.


Heel of the WeekCM Punk (WWE)

Yes! I am marking out right now! I am a CM Punk follower! I am drinking the Kool-Aid! CM Punk has finally made the wall and it came at the right time! Look, I could have put up Punk at any time since I started writing this column, but this seemed to be the perfect time to put Mr. Best in the World on display and explain the genius of this man. First off, CM Punk was able to retain his WWE Championship against the “man beast” known as Ryback, which by the way was possibly the best match Sir Feed Me More has ever been a part of in his short career. Although The Shield, for some reasons only known to themselves, need to right the injustice of the WWE Universe on Ryback, CM Punk was sitting atop the ladder during a grueling TLC match holding his title between his teeth. Once that was done, CM Punk met center ring with “The Great One” The Rock in what seems to be the opening of many confrontations to come. So what, Rock once again found the kooky catchphrase to give CM Punk? (I dare not repeat such ridiculousness.) So what, The Rock used his signature word play to once again win the praise of the crowd? But the best thing CM Punk did was, stay quiet. That’s right – CM Punk LET Rocky rant. And why you ask? Because at the end of the day CM Punk would have destroyed the angle and Rock would have been a pebble after the mic check. I leave you with this, and I quote, “Your arms are too short to box with God”!

Mr. Ear to the Mat

Jay Santy

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