Love was in the air this past week – hand holding, arms wrapping around, and small packages were given. No, I wasn’t talking about watching a week-long wrestling marathon. I was talking about Valentine’s Day. (Although my Valentine’s Day was ruined because a surprise I tried to orchestrate through a fruit arrangement company, which shall remain nameless, didn’t deliver my gift on the day of love.) In addition, it was my seven year anniversary, which didn’t make my day any easier. Let’s just say if said fruit company was a wrestler, I would hope to be Daniel Bryan and slap them in the Cattle Mutilation until their grapes fell and their bananas rotted. But, all is well in the Ear to the Mat home, because luckily WWE Shop is releasing The Shield’s new t-shirt, so the little missus will be pleased to be wearing a shirt which can remind her of Dean Ambrose. As for me, my money was refunded by said fruit company, who again shall remain nameless, because I informed them if that didn’t occur I would have to go down and perform what my new shirt will say which is” knee to faces”. So, with that being said, I present to you…

Face/Heel of the Week

Face of the Week: Rob Van Dam (TNA)

Mr. Thursday Night! The Whole F’N Show! High Times Athlete of the Year! Well, I may have made that last one up, but still he should have been. Rob Van Dam has been in the business for over 20 years and looks as though he is still in his prime. RVD, TNA’s X-Division Champion still can go for a man 42 years of age. In fact, the only thing that upsets me about RVD is that no matter how good he is, he still has to help get other wrestlers over wiht their crappy wrestling that almost makes him looks like crap. And I remind you I said ALMOST. TNA has been putting Van Dam in the ring with the up and coming talent to put them over and although he has been five stars, his opponents have been star struck. But this past week on Impact from England, Rob Van Dam faced off against a vet, “Cowboy” James Storm, and FINALLY we saw a decent match. Although RVD lost but still retained the title, RVD still proves to the masses that he is THE WHOLE F’N SHOW!

Heel of the Week: Mark Henry (WWE)

The Silverback is back! Mark Henry has returned to the WWE and is making a statement. True wrestling and WWE fans have seen the multiple gimmicks he has had which have been projected through creative and Mark Henry. From being a member of the Nation of Domination to Sexual Chocolate, THIS Mark Henry comes back meaner and angrier. And he was on his way to that temperament before his injury. I always felt Henry was underrated and he should be released with such vengeance on the WWE roster they would be afraid to be caught in the World’s Strongest Slam. This past SmackDown, a chair shot from Randy Orton couldn’t take the man down. Usually a man of his caliber and his years in the business would be pushed under the carpet, but for Mark Henry his push is to the destroy those who are in his path for the World Heavyweight Championship. Somebody’s gonna get their @$$ whipped…

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