This week, I began to look at the love I have for wrestling and how it has shaped me. From the drama, the physicality, the battle of good versus evil, and the over the top presentation, this sport has had me hooked for over 30 years. I then realized how my daughter is being handed down the tradition of love of  pro-wrestling and how she went to a wrestling event in the womb and has been to a few since she has entered the world. The Little Ear to the Mat has embraced wrestling a few years younger than I did when I began watching wrestling. I can see how she watches the shows and realized through her eyes, pro wrestling is a story with twists and turns that is actually fun to watch. Being the age that I am, I have become jaded and look at wrestling more to critique rather than to enjoy what the event is all about. My little one looks at the “mean man” yell to the crowd that they suck and she leaps up and immediately and yells at the TV how much she hates him. While I criticize how the finish of a match was horribly done, she is excited to see her favorite wrestler beat up the bad guy and the ref hit the three count. Soon, we will be going to the biggest wrestling event of the year and I am anticipating the look in her eyes when she sees how many people love the sport as we do. Well, that and the fact she wants Cena to beat The Rock. I hope she is able to love wrestling for as long as I have and doesn’t go through a faze where she would prefer to watch some ABC Family dramatic series while I am in the living room crying about what happened to my little girl. With that being said, I bring to you…

Face and Heel of the Week

Face of the Week: Jay Lethal (ROH)

I can honestly say Jay Lethal is one of the most under-used, under-promoted, and underrated wrestlers in the game. I have often said “The Big Red Machine” Kane is the most underrated wrestler, but Jay Lethal has proven in his young and short career that he is a performer who can change gimmicks on the fly, and be a standout in the ring. Jay Lethal has been able to have the backing of the fans while being aggressive in the ring. In TNA, he was able to work with big names such as Kevin Nash and “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair, but unfortunately Jay still fell a bit short where his talents could have made him the face of the company. After his departure from TNA, Jay Lethal was able to land a spot on Ring Of Honor, and has been a bright face in the company. With the heat being turned on by the ROH Champion and the head of SCUM Kevin Steen, Jay Lethal literally begged for a title shot and after a long wait, Steen granted him his opportunity. As of this writing, the ROH 11th Anniversary iPPV has gone down (sorry no spoilers here) and Jay Lethal had not only his pride to uphold, but also the respect of his family to defend. From Black Machismo, to the man with a mission we see these days, Jay Lethal has been a young man with big dream who can entertain from the Indys to the big show. OOOOOOOOOOHHH YYEEEAAAAAHHHH!!!!

Heel of the Week: Jack Swagger (WWE)

Wow! What a difference facial hair and a bad attitude make (See Wade Barrett). The “All American American” Jack Swagger has come back to the WWE and this time he brings bad news, an agenda, and a voice box. Upon his return, Swagger has made a huge statement by running through opponents on the prime time shows, then capturing the #1 Contender spot in the Elimination Chamber to face Alberto Del Rio at Wrestlemania, and now has been aligned with Zeb Colter who has a message to be spread to those who are unaware of what it is to be “A real American”. Swagger has tweaked his Ankle Lock, excuse me, his Patriot Act to ensure all opponents are going to tap out faster than Mitt Romney conceding after the 2012 Presidential Election. Jack Swagger looks to be the odds on favorite to win the strap at the big show, in fact, I am willing to throw my endorsement for him as our future World Heavyweight Champion, but I have a sneaking feeling it will be a short position to be held….wink wink

Mr. Ear to the Mat

Jay Santy

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