By the time you are reading this, wrestling fans will be just about 2 weeks away from the biggest wrestling event of the year. Wrestlemania and all its festivities will be upon us, and I am feeling like a kid waiting for Christmas to come. The week leading up to and the day after is going to be filled with nonstop wrestling for the Ear to the Mat family. March 30th will be an indy event followed by a week of wrestling programming which will prepare the masses for the Super Bowl of Sports Entertainment. That Friday we will be at WWE Axxess. Saturday will be the first time I see a live Ring of Honor event. Sunday is of course Wrestlemania and the following Monday we will be at RAW. The only event I decided to not be a part of is WWE’s Hall of Fame Ceremony. I am grateful that Mrs. Ear to the Mat is a fan like I am because otherwise with the amount money I have spent on all this, she would have put all my wrestling stuff at the door and put lighter fluid and matches to them. This will be my first full-blown attempt to mark out and mark out BIG. I intend on making my bucket list experiences ones that will be memorable and possibly embarrassing. Hey, it’s all about the love of the sport and the events which come along with it. I wonder if I should wear my Rey Mysterio or my Sin Cara mask? With that being said, I bring to you this installment of…

Face and Heel of the Week

Face of the Week: Kane (WWE)

This past week the wrestling universe lost one of their own. William Moody, known famously in WWE as Paul Bearer, passed away. Paul Bearer is most known for managing The Undertaker, but also has managed both Mankind and the “Big Red Machine” Kane. On RAW, while The Undertaker was paying tribute to his father as well as his manager, CM Punk interrupted the moment and began his usual tirade. During the break Kane came out to attack Punk, who was able to escape but then was pitted in a “No Disqualification” match with Kane. Kane was able to pull off the victory for his father and shared a moment with his half-brother until he was attacked from behind with the urn by Punk. Through the years, I have often said Kane is the most underrated wrestler and performer in the history of the sport. Since Kane hit the scene in 1997 during Bad Blood, I don’t remember him botching a promo, having a horrible match, or not having the ability to put anyone over. For a man who is in his mid-40’s, Kane is still able to move as though he is fresh out of the wrestling academy. The Big Man can fly off the top ropes, work the big guy moves, and still bring fear to all from the young to the old. Although creative has now made him somewhat goofy with Team Hell No and the silliness which occurs, his charisma and his quick wit makes him feared and loved at the same time. Through hell, fire, and brimstone Kane has been as solid as it comes.

Heel of the Week: Bully Ray (TNA)

Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to present to you the first of many who will grace this page as both a Face and a Heel of a Week. Earlier, this year Bully Ray graced this column as one of the first Faces but this week he is the most hated of all Heels. After marrying the daughter of the biggest icon in wrestling history, earning the man’s trust, and helping to fight off the threat which is trying to take over TNA, Bully Ray was able to fool everyone (except for the IWC who were too smart for creative) by presenting himself as the President of the Aces and Eights and capturing the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. I for one can brag and say I knew he was the leader of the group because, really, the guy was wearing a biker’s vest ever since he changed to the Bully Ray gimmick. I am happy that Bully won the title because I feel he has one of the greatest minds in the business, he knows how to bring the heat, and he is a spot-on worker. Bully Ray is the type of individual who would kick you in the balls and then drink a beer with you afterward. After over 20 years in the business, 25 honors and Tag Team titles, and a number of singles titles, Bully Ray has become the king of TNA Wrestling whether anyone likes it or not.