Remember being a young wrestling fan and getting together with friends and family acting out wrestling moves and matches as a booker? Although we all knew we shouldn’t be performing Figure Four Leg Locks or leaping from the top of a dresser onto our cousin, we still felt we could be the next Macho Man or Ricky Steamboat. Then, to tie everything together we made championship belts. This was when out arts and crafts creativity became heightened and we grabbed cardboard, construction paper, markers, and glue and either copied our favorite championships or made original straps. We wore them proud, we defended them and we lost them, but still we were fans who wanted to be a part of the world of wrestling. This week I did probably the geekiest thing a wrestling fan can do -I ordered a championship belt. No, I wasn’t obnoxious and order a World Championship of another promotion’s highest title strap. That is just arrogant and ridiculous. I ordered a belt which I looked at and said if I had the funds, I would like to own it. My first belt is one I feel is an accomplishment. It is a sense of achievement in my personal life which ties into my hobby and recreation. Well, that and I think I would look pretty cool walking around with the United States Championship draped over my shoulder at wrestling events. With that being said, I bring to you…

Face and Heel of the Week

Face of the Week: The Undertaker (WWE)

Are you kidding me? All this man did was come out on the introduction of RAW and at the ending and he gets Face of the Week? Well of course! The Undertaker could have walked through the curtain, bent over, farted and waved good night to everyone and he still would have gotten Face of the Week. The return of The Undertaker has set up up possibly the most anticipated match in the many years of Wrestlemania. With CM Punk winning the Fatal 4 Way versus Big Show, Sheamus, and Randy Orton, all of the wrestling geeks in the Internet Wrestling Community had a universal release of wrestling climax even though we all knew it was coming (pardon the pun). If the Undertaker/CM Punk match does not shake MetLife Stadium and put everyone on their feet from beginning to end, I would give up watching wrestling for a year and give my ratings to Dancing with the Stars. Although there are many who feel The Undertaker may be over the hill and may not have “it” anymore just remember, HE’S THE F*#K!NG UNDERTAKER!!! Even in bad matches Undertaker has the ability to make the dead walk. Even the build-up over the next few weeks is going to be just as exciting as the match itself. The Rock and Cena will once again take a back seat even though they will be the main event because when The Deadman cometh, all rest in peace (except for Punk because I have him breaking the streak).

Heel of the Week: Kevin Steen (ROH)

If you don’t know who the Ring of Honor World Heavyweight Champion is, then you are not a true wrestling fan. Step your game up people because the face and leader of SCUM is big, he’s mean, he’s Kevin F’N Steen! “Wrestling's Worst Nightmare” is riding the wave of dominance in ROH by knocking out competitor after competitor with his power, speed, and agility which is a triple threat in wrestling terms. From his long feuds with El Generico, his hellish match with Michael Elgin, and his recent battles with a recent “Face of the Week” Jay Lethal, Steen is a performer who when you look at him has a frame of a construction worker looking for a beer during lunch time. But believe me, Kevin Steen does more work in demolition than building. At Ring of Honor’s 11th Anniversary show, Steen was able to retain his championship and looked more destructive than ever. Steen has held the strap for over 300 days and I question if there is anyone who can knock this man off the top of the heap.

Mr. Ear to the Mat

Jay Santy