So, this past week the wrestling world was hit with possibly two of the most emotional moments in the history of wrestling. The first being the loss of The Undertaker at WrestleMania XXX and his streak ending at the hands of Brock Lesnar and the other, the untimely death of a wrestling legend and recent WWE Hall of Fame inductee The Ultimate Warrior. Wrestling fans felt the emotional messages and postings on social media and other outlets from other fans and were able to relate, but there are those who still don’t understand our love and passion for wrestling. “You watch wrestling? You do know its fake right?” Or the other typical passé line which is used by non-wrestling fans: “I used to watch wrestling but then I grew up”. You have no idea how I become enraged when I hear these phrases and want to educate the jaded and cynical. But I do realize there are certain activities and other forms of entertainment in which I do not understand or partake in such as Call of Duty, Scandal, today’s hip hop music, today’s pop music, today’s music for that matter, Twilight, fight videos, My Little Pony, Girls, and Minecraft. Although, I might get into Minecraft soon, anyway, I still feel those who do not understand our love for wrestling are hypocritical. I mean, these are the same people who go to action movies and know the movie is scripted, just like wrestling. They also watch television shows that have highly climactic results, just like wrestling and watch movie and TV shows with fight scenes that are choreographed and rehearsed, just like wrestling. Just like their form of entertainment we have good and bad characters, love interests, surprise outcomes, and happy endings. But yet we are dorks for loving wrestling so much when you basically share the same level of geekiness as we do. So, with that being said, I bring to you…

Face and Heel of the Week

Source: Impact Wrestling

Face of the Week: Eric Young (TNA World Heavyweight Champion)

No my fellow wrestling fans and readers, this is not a typo. And no, I did not just make up a story because I missed writing an April Fool's story. This is the God's honest truth, Eric Young: EY, TNA’s Gimmick Master, and Mr. Goofball has won the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Now, some may say this can be the equivalent of Santino winning the “Big One” in WWE, but I think this one is slightly different. First off, EY has busted his hump in TNA in many different roles and on so many scales. First as a member of Team Canada, through Captain EY, and to him losing his mind and being married to ODB, but the one aspect of Young which I can respect besides his in-ring ability is his commitment to the product. Young has stuck with TNA through the best and even the (recent) worst of times but he’s still a team player who did what was asked made it look good. Congratulations to Eric Young, well deserved and a long time coming.

Heel of the Week: Cesaro (WWE)

Regardless of how much the fans love him, the man is a heel. After proving to us who was the big dog in the Andre the Giant Battle Royal Invitational by HOISTING The Big Show on his shoulders, carrying him, and tossing the giant out of the ring, the man broke away from his tag partner Jack Swagger and broke the heart of his manager Zeb Colter. How did he break his heart you ask? By dropping Colter’s services and his alignment with The Real Americans and enlisting with the man himself Paul Heyman. Heyman could have easily gotten a HOTW nomination with his ultra-nuclear rant after Lesnar defeat of The Undertaker, but Cesaro grabbed hold of the moment and recognized that this man has the tools to lead him in a winning direction. Although Cesaro doesn’t need Paul as his voice box, it sure begins to set up the perfect game plan championship opportunities for the newly anointed “King of Swing”.



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