So, last week I wrote about my first encounter with a dirt sheet magazine and how it changed my whole perspective on wrestling (not in a negative way either). I actually appreciated the creative and planning it takes to build a wrestler and a promotion to have the mystique of good versus evil. In fact, promoters would go to great lengths to hide the relationships behind the curtain such as booking separate modes of transportation for the baby faces and heels so the fans would never see the parties interact with each other. In the past few years, the Internet has been said to be the cause of the diminishing line of kayfabe and what is the reality of promotions and its superstars. Personal relationships, backgrounds, real names, and other information which should be left behind where the Gorilla Position is are shared daily by wrestling fans, bloggers, and individuals who feel the need to expose information is factual or fictional. Storylines are often exposed, social media talks behind the secret lives, and popularity of certain superstars are examples of how the Internet either helps or hurts the business. Social groups on Facebook and other sites have grown with those who either want to complain about their favorite company, bash the creative side of the stories, or praise their love for wrestling. I for one enjoy reading and commenting as others do but I also feel rather than focus time on looking for the negatives, look at the reasoning for the methods. We as fans need to appreciate the art and understand we don’t get what we want. To the fans in the Internet Wrestling Community and those with an opinion, I salute you. So, with that being said I bring to you…


Face/Heel of the Week

Face of the Week: Sheamus (WWE)

The Celtic Warrior seems to be a guy who may have enough talent and personality to carry a promotion. He also seems like a person who is likable and can bring a new air to the “power face”. I for one had a tough time dealing with the transition of Sheamus because basically I liked him as a heel. But unlike others who are unable to make the transition, Sheamus has come across well with the masses and has also produced some notable rivalries. His build ups against The Big Show and his most recent with Mark Henry have shown the man can carry the ball and be a main event card that can show his aggressive side as well as his ability to go over with the crowd. Sheamus has also been able to add a few new weapons in his arsenal of moves such as The Cloverleaf and White Noise and shows he is building on his career not just coasting by. I hope creative and the promotion can trust that The Big Fella can carry the ball and there is more spice in this man rather than his ginger locks.


Heel of the Week: The Shield (WWE)

Yes! Yes! Yes! I’m sorry Daniel Bryan but I have to take your tag line for this one. The Shield, two-time Heel of the Week winner, also has gold to go with this prestigious honor. In case you missed it, there was a large build up for these gents leading up to the exciting events of winning the World Tag Team Championships AND the United States Championship. With Ambrose capturing the US Title from Kofi Kingston and Reigns and Rollins snatching the Tag titles from Team Hell No, the three man assault squad has taken the bull by the horns and is proving to the masses that these unknowns mean business. They are also informing the communities that they are real deal but I only hope the gold doesn’t diminish what they are trying to accomplish and correct the “injustice” that is going on in the WWE. Believe…

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