So, this week I was thinking about how rosters in the top promotions are shaping up with the split of the roles of faces and heels. The look and feel of the environments is more of a heel-friendly fan base, but I feel being a face is easier to handle than a heel role. The most difficult job for a face is to put himself over with the crowd. The most important aspect in doing so is having that ability to capture the attention of the crowd and being that individual who stands for all that is good. To do so, one must get on that mic and tell the crowd why they should back him, what he or she is going to do to the bad guy, and why the crowd makes him who he is. Great facers such as Hulk Hogan, Sting, and John Cena have proven to the masses they are the do-gooders who will right all the evil of the world with the support of the fans. Years ago, the crowds would blow off the arena roofs when a super-over face would enter the ring. Once the theme music hit, crowds would immediately leap from their seats to cheer for “their guy”. These days, crowds have lost the sense of face and heel and appreciate the performer for their work ethic, presence, and ability to get the crowd going. Be it a “bad” or “good” guy, crowds favor those who may not be appreciated by the bigwigs but are favored for their skills and persona. But in the end, it’s always going to be the “good” guy prevails. So, with that being said, I bring to you…

Face and Heel of the Week

Face of the Week: Bo Dallas-(NXT Champion)

Listen, if you guys have not watched WWE NXT lately then you guys are missing out on the growing underground sensation of the WWE promotion. NXT was once a hokey TV program which was a contest for up and coming wrestlers. Wrestlers such as Daniel Bryan, the Prime Time Players, and Kaitlyn came through the show. We even have a winner, Johnny Curtis, who is loved by the masses as the man known as Fandango. But until about a year ago, the show transformed into what was once Florida Championship Wrestling and has put together a solid show. Superstars such as Big E. Langston and The Shield have broken through to make it to the main show and we may be seeing the new face of NXT to break as well. Bo Dallas was first recognized by the WWE Universe as the winner of the Royal Rumble tournament which allowed him to enter the PPV where he was able to eliminate Wade Barrett. This past week, Bo was able to add another notch in the belt by capturing the NXT Championship. This legacy Superstar is walking in the steps of the champions in his family’s history and seems to continue excel. I have a feeling this kid has the potential to create a name for himself in the main shows.

Heel of the Week: Curtis Axel-(WWE)

First off, THANK GOODNESS THEY DROPPED THE MICHAEL MCGILLICUTTY NAME!!! I always wanted Axel to embrace the family’s history and to use that as stepping stone to get him through. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve liked this guy since he first burst on the scene since NXT. Curtis Axel has that look and skill of his dad and the intensity of his grandfather. Axel now has the services of Paul Heyman and as we have seen, Heyman has produced a hell of a group of guys. Also, people tend to forget Axel is a former Tag Team Champion and was one of the bright spot in the stable known as Nexus. I have seen glimpses of his dad, “Mr. Perfect” Curt Henning in his ring work but I also see the aggression of a young man who is hungry. And I thing think that is what Paul saw in which made him a Heyman guy.

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