So being a wrestling fan since I was a child, I remember the anticipation of watching a wrestling program on television. It was rare for a wrestling event to be live unless it was a closed circuit event (which later became Pay Per View), but pre-recorded matches would air on weekends and at times during the week. I would still be excited to see the events as though they were happening in real-time. I would also buy wrestling magazines which had match results from around the country and other federations. One day, while in the local candy store which sold magazines, I came across a wrestling magazine that was a bit different from the others. This magazine seemed similar to what I was use to reading, but yet had the real names of wrestlers, what was likely to happen in upcoming events, who will become champion and why, and the results for matches that had not been on television yet. My eyes lit up but I wasn't sure if I should be reading this information. It felt wrong, like I if was reading a nudie magazine and someone was going to catch me. I bought the magazine and went through it like if it was the Holy Bible of Wrestling. For weeks, I would go to school and spoil finishes for upcoming matches while other kids debated and argued with me that their favorite wrestler wasn’t going to lose. I would tell them The Macho Man’s real last name is Poffo and not Savage while also explaining to them The Genius was his brother in real life. For weeks, I would get these magazines and not tell a soul how I knew all this vast knowledge of wrestling and I then realized that my fascination with wrestling would not be killed because I knew it was scripted, but in fact, enhanced because I wanted to know more of the back story and then see the results as it unfolded. My chance meeting with a form of “dirt sheet” magazine opened my eyes to a new world and now that I had seen that Santa was not real, I still wanted to know how and why the presents got under the tree at Christmas. So, with that, I bring to you…

Face and Heel of the Week


Face of the Week: Abyss (TNA)

HE’S BACK!!! FINALLY, THE MONSTER ABYSS IS BACK!!! Thank goodness because this Joseph Parks gimmick has run its course months ago. Don’t get me wrong, Chris Parks is one hell of a talent inside the ring and on the microphone and I guess creative wanted Parks to show off his personality outside of the Abyss role, but man, they dragged that angle for too long. This past Thursday Abyss made his big return assisting Sting and Kurt Angle against The Aces and Eights. Abyss is the monster gimmick we see in other promotions who wears the mask and enjoys pain but he also has a personality which can be lovable and feared. Fans of TNA have seen the hardcore persona which is Abyss but we have also seen a man who can show his power as well his vulnerability. Abyss is one of the men I wish I could see in the big promotion from up North and have a solid story which could work with the likes of Kane and possibly The Big Show. I for one am glad to see the return of the master of the Black Hole Slam.


Heel of the Week: Matt Morgan (TNA)

I have said it for a while now and I will say it again, MATT MORGAN IS UNDERRATED AND UNDER UTILIZED!!! How is it a company has a seven-foot, jacked up, athletic mark of a man with good mic skills and above average ring work and not use him as a powerhouse? Also, why is this guy stuck in a promotion that seems to not like him and have another promotion not want him? The “DNA of TNA” should have a rack of championships unlike the handful he has had. I’m not sure whether “The Blueprint” has burned some bridges with those in the back or someone just doesn't feel he’s capable of carrying the ball. I know if I were to start a promotion, Morgan would be in my Top 5 of draft picks as a face or a heel.

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